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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mums n bubs - Meet a lovely Mummy

Let me introduce you to an up and coming mummy…. beautiful Sasha Deacon.
She is currently 35 weeks pregnant and absolutely glowing. Her little darling will be here very shortly….. motherhood is just a round the corner. Pregnancy dished her a few hiccups along the way - it looked like bubby was going to make an early entrance but for now has managed to stay put – currently cooking to perfection. We can’t wait to meet this precious bundle and love that we will soon see them at Mums n bubs. The nesting instincts are in full swing, and if her baby shower is anything to go by she is well prepared for the journey ahead. The term “Baby shower” refers to 'shower with blessing' and we certainly wish that for Sasha. The celebrations associated with pregnancy and childbirth are both ancient and enduring. Like other rites of passage associated with significant transitional events such as coming of age and marriage, baby showers function as a rite of passage and initiation into a beautiful and never ending life force, that of “motherhood.” Sasha we welcome you to motherhood.

- ‘God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.’ ~Jewish Proverb

Just for fun we have a little baby trivia – Let us know how you do ☺

1. What is the first sense a baby develops?

A. touch

B. taste

C. smell

D. hearing

2. When does the eye color set in an infant?
A. 6-9 months
B. 4-5 months

C. 2-4 weeks

3. A baby is born with how many bones?

A. 206

B. 300

C. 275

4. What percentage of babies actually arrive on their due date?

A. 80-81%

B. 24-25%

C. 3-4%

5. Babies are born without which body part?

A. Kneecaps

B. Elbows

C. Tailbone

D. Shoulder blades


1. D. hearing 2 A. 6-9 months 3. B. 300 (A baby is born with 300 bones, but an adult has 206 bones. These bones fuse together later.) 4. C. 3-4% 5. A. Kneecaps

4 'heart 2 hearts'…heartfelt comments here.:

Michelle said...

I didn't know the last one! When does a baby get kneecaps then?

Heart n Soul said...

Interestingly it is not until between the ages of 2-6 yrs. Babies are born with cartilage that over time grows into bone and forms the hard covering of a knee cap in the first few years of childhood. So there you go... a little bit of trivia.

Michelle said...

ah ha - I'm off to check to see what's happening with miss L's knees now! thanks Kay

Footprints Australia said...

I didn't do very well at that quiz!!! But thanks for the fun anyways LOL

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