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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Journeying the wild and unknown way"

Venturing to places unchartered and new
My heart is the compass, leading me through,
An uncommon spirit is lighting the way
Infinite wisdom is needed today,
My mind is the map - detailed and clear
Courage and faith dispelling the fear,
Journeying onward to this unknown place
Continually singing of justice and grace.

© copyright k.weight 2010

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Eileen said...

Short, sweet and beautiful!

Tiffini said...

this resonates in my soul...the journeying toward an unknown and uncharted place...I know there are many of us in this place. Thank you for sharing this today:)

Cindy said...

Beautiful! Heart, mind and spirit - so much in such few words...I just love poetry!

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