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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A blogging expose - join the blog tour today

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Janet Camilleri, the editor of Footprints magazine and today I am hosting a “blog tour”. Never heard of a blog tour? ..... well a blog tour involves “touring” from blog to blog - a great opportunity to relax with a cuppa, visit a new place, get perspective and be inspired for the journey ahead.

Footprints is a magazine aimed at Australian Christian Women. To help Footprints celebrate its 50th issue, the blog tour is touring from Thursday 24th June – Tuesday 6th July. For more information, you can find Janet at www.footprintsaustralia.com. You will also find the blog tour dates at the end of this article.

Here is my interview

1. Please share with us the motto you live by:

Colossians 3:23 probably sums it up pretty well: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. When it comes to writing and speaking, my motto is to inspire, inform and encourage. It doesn’t matter who the audience is, whether Christian or secular, these are my goals.

2. Can you give us any hints about any exciting things your planning for the next few issues?

We have some great stories planned, all with a Christian perspective. For example: what’s a Christian to do about climate change? A school chaplain opens up her life to us, and shares a typical week; and we have an interview with the woman behind the “Faith Insignias” jewellery range. One feature that I’m working on involves chatting with several women to find out just how they think their lives might have turned out if they hadn’t become a follower of Jesus. We are also investigating the possibility of a full colour magazine, and may even be able to have the magazine layout done by a graphic designer for an even more professional look (currently I do all the layout)!

3. What one word sums up a day in the life of “Footprints”?

Hectic! In addition to running “Footprints”, I am a wife and mother, work in an office four days per week, and then there’s the housework, church, family, friends ... it’s a juggling act, but I love what I do!

4. Can you explain the importance of a fully on line presence for your magazine?

I would love to see our online presence grow and improve. I used to look after the website myself but it just got too much. Thankfully we now have a web editor who donates her time to keeping our site current, which is such a blessing. However I don’t see us making the switch from print to becoming online only. You just can’t relax on the couch, and flick through a magazine, if it’s on the computer! Maybe in years to come it will be different, technology is always changing.

5. Where do you see the future of the magazine in 5 years?

When Footprints first started, we just did what we could with what we have: which wasn’t much! We started small and without a huge cash outlay; but I was confident that if God’s hand was indeed upon “Footprints”, He would bless it (and He has!). From tiny acorns, the mighty oak tree grows! Bit by bit God has increased our skills, supplied equipment, brought new people to contribute their gifts and talents to the magazine, opened doors and given us many opportunities.

I know where I’d *LIKE* the magazine to be in five years time – I have big dreams!!!! I long to see Footprints on the shelves at your local newsagent, or even the supermarket! There are so many “new age” and even witchcraft magazines out there, it would be good to see a Christian alternative! I’d love to see our circulation absolutely explode, I just believe so much in what God can do through the pages of Footprints - it should get out to as many people as possible!

Perhaps one day Footprints might even become a bimonthly or even a monthly publication. Our future is in God’s hands … we serve an awesome God who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)!

6. What is the best piece of advice you have received in your role as editor of footprints?

Last year I was extremely blessed to attend a Christian Editor’s conference in the Philippines , and the key theme was that it is our job as editors to make others (our writers) look good!

7. I am inspired by the resilience of the human spirit against great odds, what inspires you?

I love hearing testimonies of God at work in people’s lives, and about answered prayer – whether at church, in a chat with a friend, or reading a biography or magazine article.

8. Knowing that you are parenting children through the teenage years what advice would you give me as the mother of a 14 year old?

My children are 16 and 13, so actually I am still in the thick of it!!! We have our good days and bad days, just like any family. I’m certainly no expert, but I think the main thing is to develop a great relationship with your children right from when they are small, and keep the communication lines open through the teen years. No matter how shocked you may be by their confidences, don’t show it, and try to remain calm and reasonable!

9. Who are some of the interesting people you have met on this journey?

It’s been kind of cool, I have had the opportunity to meet some “famous” people along the way. But my absolute favourite is meeting Footprints readers – straight away I know we are both passionate about God, and about reading, and Footprints … and often they are writers as well … which means instant bonding!

Probably the award for “most interesting” would have to go to the first time I conducted an interview for a magazine article. My denomination’s national magazine sent me to interview a retired pastor and his wife who were in their 80’s. They were absolute giants in the faith, yet they were so humble. I was so nervous and new at writing and the Christian life in general, yet they were so down-to-earth they really put me at ease. They were genuinely interested in me, to the point where it was hard to tell who was interviewing whom! And then they prayed with me at the end of our meeting. I was blown away – they were so inspiring and a tremendous example. I hope I am that encouraging when I am in my 80’s!

10. Please finish the following sentence - If I could do anything I would......

Quit my job and work on Footprints (editing, writing, speaking at women’s groups) fulltime!

Blog Tour Dates:

Thursday 24/6 - thanks to Wendy from On the Edge of Ordinary (http://mmuser.blogspot.com/) for kicking things off. Although currently in Brisbane , Wendy will be moving back to Japan within the next few weeks!
Friday 25/6 – we jump over the border for an interview with Julie south of Sydney at http://worksformehomemaking.wordpress.com/.
Saturday 26/6 – Back up to sunny Queensland , where our host today is Kay from the Gold Coast, at http://heartsoulexchange.blogspot.com/.
Sunday 27/6 – Catch our latest interview with Michelle, also from the Gold Coast http://michelledevans.blogspot.com/.
Monday 28/6 – Moving on almost to Melbourne , with Kathie from Victoria at http://proverbs31-woman.com/.
Tuesday 29/6 – Back up to the southside of Brisbane for a chat with Lil from http://motheringmisadventures.blogspot.com/.
Wednesday 30/6 – Head on over to Brisbane ’s northern outskirts for Corallie’s feature on Footprints at http://buchanan-beeline.blogspot.com/.
Thursday 1/7 – Joni from the Blue Mountains in NSW plays host to the Footprints blog tour today at http://every1matters.wordpress.com/.
Friday 2/7 – Go west dear reader, as we chat with Narelle from Perth at www.momentsformum.com. (Narelle is also our WA state rep).
Saturday 3/7 - Back to the Brissie girls, with the popular www.squigglemum.com for an interview with Cath.
Sunday 4/7 – Still in Brisbane , with Paula at http://paulassharingspot.blogspot.com/.
Monday 5/7 – Heading west – but not quite so far this time! Stopping in with Kelly in Toowoomba at http://beafunmum.com/.
Tuesday 6/7 – And finally, an interview practically in our own backyard with Tabitha in the Redlands at http://tabithabird.blogspot.com/.

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Footprints Australia said...

Thank you Kay, for the opportunity to "chat" and meet your readers. It's been fun!

Joni said...

Great interview Kay! I especially loved reading about Janet's thoughts about the future of Foot Prints. Very exciting! xo

Michelle said...

Great interview - thanks girls

Anonymous said...

Lovely reading the different "Footprints" interviews. All give different insights into the magazine and Janet's ministry. Thanks Kay.

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

LOL I'm with Janet! If I had a choice I'd quit my job and write and speak for Jesus full time too :)

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