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Monday, September 20, 2010

A moment to reflect

Morning at Noosa Headland

Today I took a moment to reflect, rest and relax. Holidays are good for that. Lately my head has been busy, way too busy. I have been busy planning, arranging, rearranging and organising my life, family and the other things on my to do list. Today I needed a moment to stop, be quiet and well realign. Just breathe...in, out....just be still. As it turned out today was a perfect day to do just that. The rain settled in and so I curled up in bed to read. Rain trickled down the window, raindrops on the roof (you get the picture) So I begin reading  (Lisa Bevere's latest book, 'Lioness Arising - Wake up and change your world.') Well, while the rain outside proved to be a quiet and reflective mood for reading, her book however  really got me thinking. A powerful, vibrant and challenging message to arise and awaken.  Not quite what I had in mind but really just what I needed.  

Lately I have been challenged to not only step up but to also push through. To push through nagging doubts and prevailing fears of the unknown. While my faith continues to rise to the expectations set before me, I have had to decide to not live small or contained by these thoughts, fears or concerns. As I have prepared for my trip to Uganda I have been confronted by opportunities to keep me small.... in particular the World Cup bombings in Uganda a few months ago certainly gave me opportunity to question myself...."Am I still sure of the path that I have taken?".... "Does this turn of events weaken or strengthen my resolve to go?"... "Am I intimidated or afraid?" and if so "Can I push through that which would seek to keep me hemmed in?" Lisa's words challenged me to awaken to something fierce and uncontained. Wow. To rise with fearless strength and fierce serenity (if this is indeed possible). How does one be fierce and serene at the same time? yes it is possible....just think of the lion and the lamb. Definitely something to work on. 

I particularly love how Lisa unpacks Psalm 139:14 - to be fearfully and wonderfully made (again another contradiction it would seem). How can you be both fearfully and wonderfully made? Something I was wondering the other day as I wrote this exact verse on our bathroom mirror to remind my daughter of her own value and worth. If my daughter had queried me about the 'being fearfully made' part then (which thankfully she didn't) I'm not sure I would have been able to give her a satisfactory answer....but today I got it.... my aha moment. Again it goes back to the fierce and serene thing. To be fully alive, awake, purposeful and intentional...strong, focused, alert and ready to take action, stand, fight and be reckoned with - a fierce, wild, determined and uncontained spirit. Awesome we were made for all of that! and wonderfully made to boot - stunning, beautiful, exquisite, refined, lovely and delightful. Breathtaking! "She knows her beauty is revealed in her strength. It is captured in what her body can actually do, not merely in how it looks. Her attractiveness is undeniable, because her power is unquestionable." (Lisa Bevere)

Some time ago Lisa posted this thought, "Well behaved women rarely make history". A suggestion that to change the world sometimes requires us to react and respond in ways that might push us out of our comfort zones.... to react to injustice and respond with loving action. To be a voice for those who have none. Of late the words from Brooke Fraser's song "Albertine" continually echos through my mind...."now that I have seen, I am responsible....faith without deeds is dead." A song that my daughter loves to sing so I get to hear it often. However it makes me stop and think....I cannot close my eyes nor turn my head. I have seen and heard, I have been awakened and am thus responsible to open my heart, extend my hand and lend my voice and as Lisa would say 'to respond fiercely with loving action, Fierce and serene.' May the spirit within me far exceed the might of any opposition I may encounter in this world. (1 John 4:4) I am certainly going to need it.

"May none of us be content with the safety of our children alone but instead grow in the understanding and awareness that all the children of this earth are our charge. Let none of us believe that our role is inconsequential." - Lisa Bevere

......Just a few more thoughts

Chapter 1 - Awaken a Lioness 
" Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate us" - Ralph Waldo. "Our earth echoes the revelations and wisdom of heaven. How amazing that our heavenly Father designed his creation to open our hearts". (Lisa Bevere) His amazing creation mirrors for us not only his beauty and power for us to revel in but also the beauty and power that can be found within us.

Chapter 2  - A force unseen
"If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never seen." Together we can be a voice and be the change.

Chapter 3 - Dangerously awake
"Well behaved women rarely make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Changing injustice requires us to become a voice... to make ourselves seen and heard.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Parenting your child's self esteem?

Gorgeous Kylie and her bub - so cute

The way we build self esteem in our child needs to be significant enough to arrest their attention and powerful enough to deposit value and worth into the very core of who they are. This is how your child's self esteem and self concept will develop and grow. When your child knows that they are deeply loved they will confidently embrace life and all its challenges knowing that they have what it takes.... because you believe in them. This is a child with hope. No one can instil self esteem into a child better than a loving parent - loving unconditionally.  A top priority so that your child grows into an emotionally happy and healthy adult. As a loving parent you can build your child's self esteem so that they reach their full potential. Unrealized potential is a heartbreaking reality as many individuals fail to realize their value and worth as young children. Children love to hear how big and strong they are. Teenagers love knowing that you think they have what it takes. Belief in your child's strengths, talents and abilities is a very powerful thing.

One particular key that I have learnt in my own parenting journey is that regardless of the age of your child - whether  a toddler or in the teen years, all children need validation to do grow big on the inside. The best way to do this is through a face to face encounter with eye contact. There are times I have been guilty of the aha and mmhhmmm responses which I have learnt does not make a child feel significant. It does not  suffice for a meaningful interaction. I have found that even a brief eye to eye moment makes a child feel valued and important. This lets your child know that they have been heard, developing a strong sense of self. At times my mind has been so preoccupied with the details of life that I have had to let my kids know that I am too distracted to talk right now and wouldn't be giving them my best. They understand that I may need time to sort my thoughts out before I can engage purposefully. They learn to give and take. (another valuable life lesson). I take a moment to do this so I can listen intently and whole heartedly, sometimes briefly and other times at length. I then fully engage in listening and depositing words that build up. Sometimes speaking many words and sometimes just a few. Either way by having engaged with them in such a significant manner they are growing on the inside heart, soul and mind. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Watoto - Rescue, Raise, Rebuild

I was delighted to read a lovely blog today by Jo - Princess Warrior -  http://princessjo-anne-blessed.blogspot.com/ Thank you Jo for your thoughtful and heartfelt words about Watoto and the amazing work that they are doing to bring hope and restoration to Uganda and a big thank you for sharing my story. 

The count down is now on. I am currently awaiting approval for my visa application and to date have had seven vaccinations in readiness for my trip. As the date draws closer the anticipation for this adventure is building. It seems I have waited a life time to be on this journey. Final preparations are being made - getting to the airport, having my last lot of needles, selling tickets for our last fundraiser, arranging care for my children while away, deciding what food to take (maybe a few protein bars and apparently spreads for our sandwich's that are served daily for lunch.) Note to self - must remember passport, yellow fever certificate, flight tickets, personal first aid kit and shillings to spend.

I'm wondering what our accommodation will be like, if my kids will be okay without me, how hot it will be?, what kind of clothes should I take?, how compact can I travel?, will I have a mosquito net at night?, will my mosquito repellant be strong enough? (apparently the mozzies are pretty lethal), is my first aid kit satisfactory?...do I have enough antibiotics, hot showers or cold showers...maybe no showers, how will we travel each day?.... hopefully not on a moped, what about security?... will he have a gun?, should we do a safari?, what if I see a lion... hhmmm so many thoughts. (Will keep you posted)

Watoto's mission
Fiona and KC

Beautiful Dorieen

We all have spheres of influence and can raise awareness. Lets be the voice for the orphan, the widow, the abandoned, the forgotten and the vulnerable. While we can't do everything we can do something to 'Be the change'.  Below is an excerpt from Marilyn Skinner's blog (Marilyn and Gary Skinner are the founders of Watoto ministries in Uganda).

" Last Wednesday Watoto staff welcomed 20 children between the ages of 3 and 8 to Buloba village. Most of them had been abandoned, rescued by the police and taken to the government run Naguru Reception Centre. The caregivers at Naguru centre must wait 6 months before referring them to an organization that can take better care of them. They make radio announcements and wait for someone to come and claim the forgotten children." For more reading on this blog go to -  http://marilynskinner.wordpress.com/

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mums n Bubs - Connect and Chat..

Milk Break
Peek a boo
Play time at Mums n bubs

Mums n Bubs and Playtime Groups - Get great strategy for doing life well in this very special season. Navigating every stage of your child's life is an amazing privilege, yet at times can be a daunting and overwhelming task. So don't do life alone. My hope is that you will find great strategy for this amazing journey and be inspired to deepen perspectives, illuminate the beauty within and unleash the vibrancy of your own life and that of your child. Take a moment to pause .....enjoy a cuppa and breathe deeply. 

Thought for the day - Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. - Elizabeth Stone.

* Enjoy the posts, thoughts and ponderings  on parenting and motherhood (Leave a comment so we know you passed our way) New posts coming soon.
* For those of you who are local - join us each fortnight at one of our connect groups (email me for details)
   Mums n bubs   0 -9 months
   Mums n Bubs   0 - 24 months
   Playtime Groups   0 - 5 years

Monday, September 6, 2010

What if....

What if I don't do the washing today?, What if the vacuum stays silent yet again, what if the washing machine doesn't whir, the dishes pile up and the garbage stays put? The what ifs flitter through my mind and I find myself wondering ...

The ho hum of life can be distracting and somewhat dreary... as I clean house, fold washing, organise meals, I am contemplative about the time dedicated to these necessary but mundane tasks. I wonder about the necessity of folding clothes right side out and instead fold them inside out ... a shortcut that gets the job done faster for now but requires sorting out later ... at least they are folded today and now I have more time for other things ... more jobs, more chores etc etc.

I realize my mind has wandered when My daughter calls out to me "MUM .... Muuum', I come back to earth. I focus on her as she requests help with her school work, I pause, breath out slowly and sigh deeply... I lay the washing down. I notice the bags of rubbish sitting patiently at the door but instead of taking out the garbage (which is a 6 min walk to the gate and back) I allow it to sit at the front door a little longer, choosing instead to work with my daughter on her English assignment. We brainstorm the context for her story and she marvels at the creativity beginning to flow... the smile on her face is contagious. An imagination now alight with ideas is really quite refreshing, furiously she begins writing.

The washing basket has overflowed yet again (thus why I have 2 washing baskets) and I rise to attend its call to be fed to the washing machine, I look up as my son bounds down the stairs and sincerely requests that I sit with him to watch the latest DVD we were given. His childish exuberance is hard to refuse. Against my better domestic bliss judgements I oblige. Afterwards we end up discussing in depth his plans to someday be a surgeon. I look at the delight on his face and am thankful that I took this moment to hear his heart and together we imagined his future. I glimpsed his hopes and dreams. Somehow, I don't think my children will remember if I finished the washing yesterday or took the garbage out today. What if today I made them feel significant?, What if they remember the time I took to engage with their hearts and minds? What if this moment determines how we do life in the future? What if one day they will take the time to sit with me when I need them to be near?

How we live our life today sets the course for our future. Every action has purpose and significance attached to it - This moment, this time determines our tomorrows. We can reach into our future by determining the path that we will travel today.

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