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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby Watoto - Subbi

Today we visited Subbi children's village. More cuddles and love shared around. We had the privilege of attending the senior students graduation ceremony (tears ... so very moving to see these orphans celebrating such a milestone in their lives). 

We had a tour of the village which is enormous, spread over a mountainside with spectacular views. Interesting thought - the teachers have their own accommodation provided for them with million dollar views. Love it!!

This hillside community is breathtaking and the Watoto model is exceptional. As an addition to the existing babies’ home in downtown Kampala, the new facility, in Mpigi district, has the capacity to care for up to 150 infants at any given time although there are only 30 bubs here at present. The building still has much work to be done with a soft fall play area planned in the near future. The needs here are still great and babies continue to need sponsorship. There are 4 babies to one mother or nanny. Feedtime and bathtime is chaotic but well organised and super effecient. So tired after our 2 hour drive home. It is so difficult to describe the sights, sounds and smells and pictures just don't do it all justice. Having the time of my life. My heart is filled with hope.

Babies home
cot room

Change area


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Anonymous said...

Ooh my God!! This is really cool. Thank you so much for you time and effort.

Anonymous said...

Ooh thats so great!! May GOD bless you all for the great work and LOVE you impact in hos Lives of those children. MUTAGUBYA FRANCIS Said.........

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