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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watoto - Raising Future Leaders

Jet lag has set in and I am awake at 3a.m. It is so good to be home with my beautiful children though. Nineteen days away was such a long time, rewarding, challenging and a dream come true. Strange though how the days fly by but at the same time it feels like such an eternity. So much living and expectation crammed into a few short days, wow! What a beautiful moment to see the happy faces of my children at the airport, so full of excitement and delight. A few hours later and we were all back to normal. Children have a way of bringing you straight back to reality. I get to do the rest of my life with these exceptional people, growing their hearts, expanding their perspectives, and guiding their decisions and loving them for the rest of my life. My heart is full, so so full. More than ever I am so very aware of the preciousness of life. What a gift! I have gone more than half way around the world and experienced an avalanche of thoughts, feelings and emotions and learnt that dreams really do come true. 

Watoto is an exceptional model of hope, raising the next generation of Ugandans as future leaders. They do an outstanding job of rescuing, raising and rebuilding a nation. It was such an honour to have witnessed hope in action. If you ever get the chance to volunteer, go for it. It will change you forever, I will never be the same.


My heart has enlarged and my soul is open wide
a moment in time

I hoped to be the change.... but I am forever changed
Sunrise over Africa

 Truly so much to be thankful for - Thank you Africa, I will never be the same.

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