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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Watoto Accommodation

Garden view

We were pleasantly surprised by the comfort provided at our guest home. The compound is small but comfortable with neatly manicured gardens and a security guard on duty at all times. Enormous gates keep us safe and well protected.

The staff are just beautiful and so hospitable. The rooms are airy, light and relaxing, with mosquito nets covering each bed. Our beds are made daily and the food is exceptional. We even have proper toilets, hot water (although only a trickle), cooked breakfasts and delicious dinners (pancakes for breakfast and lasagne, bolognese and fish n chips for dinner :). Outside the compound walls life is very different......so the contrasts are blatantly obvious. However the face of Uganda is slowly changing. I love what Watoto is doing in raising the next generation of Ugandan leaders to impact this nation. Lives are being transformed. It has been such a delightful experience.

Front entryway

Verandah for rest and relaxation

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Michelle said...

Love that Uganda is slowing changing PTL
Huge hugs - you are amazing!!!

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