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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Word of Hope

"May none of us be content with the safety of our children alone but instead grow in the understanding that all the children of this earth are our charge. Let none of us believe that our role is inconsequential." – Lisa Bevere.

The lost and at risk children of this world are not only the countless orphans around the world living in poverty but also the abandoned, rejected and hurting children in our schools, churches and neighbourhoods. Whether we feel the call to tend these concerns in the uttermost regions of the earth or in our own backyard, children everywhere are in need of love, acceptance and hope. There are children who are not only geographically displaced but also those who are spiritually, physically and emotionally displaced in our immediate world. I have had the privilege of bringing hope to abandoned and displaced children in Uganda but am also very aware of the hope needed for the children in our society who have reason to feel utter hopelessness due to situations and circumstances beyond their control. My personal circumstances included. I have learnt that through the broken strings of my own humanity that I have a story and a message of hope, as do you. Each of us has a voice that can ignite and illuminate a resounding sound of unquestionable significance in the life of another. We have an irreversible, substantial and momentous role to play for this coming generation. 

* I believe that broken hearts can mend and that what was once lost can still be found.
* I believe that within every young person is limitless possibilities and unequivocal potential.
* I believe that an extraordinary and exceptional future lies in the hearts and minds of our children.
* I believe that our ultimate, defining and momentous dreams should exist beyond the restraints of humanity.

What if 
 fear didn’t intimidate you!
What if 
you took the limits off!
What if 
 you freed a dream, 
could ignite passion, 
inspire expectancy 
or illuminate destiny!
Would you?

May we never underestimate the power of a kind word in the life of a young person. Let our words be generous, liberal, considerate, benevolent and magnanimous. May we offer words straight from the heart  - words that bring healing and hope. Perhaps your words will heal brokenness, water a hibernating seed deep within, spark significance, unleash freedom and deposit everlasting hope. 

For all the sons and daughters.

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