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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday Favourite (Favorite) Things

I found this lovely idea on a great blog. Rachel is celebrating the every-day, ordinary, mundane and the spectacular moments that come her way. Each Friday she posts photos of the favourite moments in her week and I have decided to give it a go too.  Rachel is a mum to seven beautiful children and blogs her journey at Finding Joy - a beautiful connected life..... truly delightful reading.

Because I'm new at this...(and realising that it is already Saturday in Australia and its actually Friday in America) I am posting just a few of my favourite moments this week.

so here we go.....

FLYING to Sydney for the weekend with my daughter

a ferry ride across SYDNEY harbour......even in the rain it was exhilarating

the wind in my face....the wildness of the ocean

wild and raucous laughing with my DAUGHTER as the ferry rocked violently

Heart and Soul FRIENDS

my children LAUGHING

my daughter teaching my SON how to tackle....even though he is the one who does karate

CHOCOLATE shops.....and warm chocolate brownies....with vanilla ice cream :)

Arriving home to my own BED


and taking the time to dream

Planning an EASTER trip

the SUN that filtered through the trees in the backyard yesterday

a breathtaking SUNSET


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