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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The beauty of dreaming

I have been contemplating this very thought lately. When I think about the future, I imagine it full and overflowing with purpose, significance and destiny. I just can't imagine it any other way. I use to be a little wary of speaking out my dreams, just in case they didn't come true. However I have discovered this couldn't be further from the truth. Exactly the opposite is true. It is actually in the speaking forth of what is deep within our heart that we actually give it permission to fly. When we speak it out we give our hopes and dreams wings with which to soar higher than we ever imagined. So speak out your dreams and let them take you places you never dreamed of.

My vision board

Sometime ago I created a vision board to help me establish what I was believing for. It gave me the opportunity to contemplate what I longed for and helped me reveal what was deep in my heart. It helped me focus on what might just be possible. I had to then believe that it was more than a possibility. Some of those dreams have now been achieved and I am still expectant for the rest to one day open before me. There is such power in the spoken word. It is a creative and powerful force that activates God's super on our natural.

my reminder to take God breathed moments to just BE!
Proverbs 29:18 'Without a vision the people perish!'

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Jamerrill Stewart said...

Yes and Amen! This is my first Word Women Wenesday, very excitied to meet you ladies :-)

Cindy said...

So timely! I am doing research on the brain (yes, one of my little loves because it relates to our spirit communicating with His Spirit AND counseling)...and I am learning that there is a certain tiny part of the brain that, when we have focused and defined what we are aiming for, acts as a "steering wheel" of sorts and aids in keeping us moving towards the goal...isn't that amazing!? That He created us so powerfully!?!? And your post is another gentle breath of assurance to keep going on the path before me!

Tiffini said...

i have felt the same way...speaking dreams aloud might make them not come true. and I made a vision board this year too:) I need to put on mine " BE " to give myself permission to just BE. I have found this place as of late and I LOVE it! I am drawn to spend more time in it.

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