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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diamond in the rough

A diamond in the rough ... still imperfect, not quite lovely. Hidden beauty, yet to be revealed.

The diamond is the most precious of all stones ... yet begins its journey as a simple inconsequential lump of coal. Have you ever really stopped to consider this? It truly is quite a remarkable process. The original rags to riches story. In fleshing out the purpose and significance of my own life with its ups and downs, twists and turns I am often inexplicably drawn to the beauty of nature and am sure that God whispers breathtaking truths (if we but pause to see) through the graceful and resplendent rhythms of a magnificent universe. 

I'm sure you knew... 
- that a diamond is a transparent crystal reflecting a luminous white light, yet it in its raw and unfinished state its light is hidden from view.
- that most diamonds are formed under high pressure conditions deep within the earths mantle and it is this very intentional and resolute process that forges the beauty within.
- that the name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας (adámaswhich refers to it being unalterable, unbreakable and untamed -  significant because without purposeful and cultivated intervention it remains hard, unlovely and wild.
- that there are four C's to a diamonds grading... which means there is a process involved to discover  its true value and worth - it is slowly unearthed.

Carat - the measurement of the diamonds worth and value referring to the relative merit and importance of the gem so it can be exchanged or purchased with something of equal value. The purchase price reveals the purchasers value and regard of that purchase. So glad my heavenly Father openly established, consolidated and substantiated my worth ..... he does not see the diamond in the rough, he has given an absolute reassurance of the infinite price of my life, upon a cross at Calvary two thousand years ago. 

Cutting - a delicate procedure requiring specific angles to optimise the diamonds lustre. Included in the cutting procedure is the time consuming process of polishing which gently removes the flaws. Deep flaws are concealed through diamond enhancement requiring re polishing and crack filling. Wow, the cuts and abrasions of life can reveal so much more about what is hidden beneath the vulnerability of the soul. It is not until a diamond is cut in a myriad of ways that its true brilliance is revealed for all to see.  Is it actually possible that the messy details of my life..... the flaws and the parts I don't like, the things I wish to erase and conceal, the story I didn't want and the story I continue to leaf through can actually serve to reveal the shining magnificence of a merciful and loving God. May the crack filling begin so the lustre of his glory and grace can be spectacularly revealed.

Colour - colour originates from the diamonds defects and impurities. It is the dispersion of white light into a spectral array or rainbow of colours. So despite my defects and imperfections, despite the desolation, the pain, emptiness and deep loss - loss of a marriage, of broken dreams and of a frayed future. His magnificence brings an intensity and colour that overshadows, covers and dispels all that is not okay with my heart and soul. 

Clarity - relates to the existence and visual appearance of the internal characteristics of the diamond. Regardless of my heartbreak, grief, loss and deep sorrow - my loving heavenly father continues to bring a clear, transparent and precise certainty to my life. His existence within me, his breathe and transforming power deep within my innermost parts - in the very depths of my heart, has illuminated a hope that dares to reflect a substantial purpose, a distinct destiny and a glorious future.

A diamond refined … exquisite, lovely, beauty revealed … of infinite value and worth.
© copyright k.weight 2011

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Tiffini said...

the believer's heart likened to a diamond...I've never thought of it that way. So much heart you've put into these words that you share. Grateful that we are of infinite value to our Father...

Jen said...

I really appreciate this piece. I didn't know several of the things that you wrote here about diamonds. Perhaps the "c" I appreciate most is the cutting. As one who has just emerged from the wilderness and spent some time examining my scars, this post reveals the purpose of that journey even more. So glad to have you at SDG!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Such great analogies! I'm drawn to nature, too. My favorite takeaway from this is the reminder of our infinite worth.

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

the cuts reveal the brilliant luster--isn't that the truth? lovely meditation. thank you for sharing it with ShoutLaughLove today.

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