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Friday, May 6, 2011


I am currently experiencing a disappointing experience.... 
my children are growing up!

How is it that the years just fly by? I remember thinking as a child how crazy adults were to use this expression, yet I now find myself marvelling at how true this saying really is!

ten years

Today I am linking up with Casey for 'on your heart'. With Mother's day just around the corner, our kids are definitely on our hearts and minds this weekend! .....so now a tribute to a few favourite things....the joy of Motherhood in all seasons.

From the time my son could crawl, life has been about taking things apart. It never ceases to amaze me how creative and inventive one can be when given the opportunity to pull something apart. 

Twelve years

I have learnt to appreciate, value and even anticipate the unusual inventions, crazy creations and interesting designs because more than anything I love my sons zest for discovery and learning.

These days instead of brushing teeth and braiding hair I am trying to locate my missing hair straightner and misplaced makeup. The transition to teenager seems to come with a mandatory messy room procedure, how is this possible from a previously meticulous child? 

Fifteen years

I am also amazed that the perpetual cry of every woman " I have nothing to wear" (which by the way is so not true in light of the fact that piles of clothing lay haphazardly on the bedroom floor) begins soooo young. Ahhh the joys of parenting a teenage daughter!

....and don't forget to come back and check out 'Inspire me' this week. We are launching with fabulous and inspiring stories from ordinary girls living extra ordinary lives. The lovely Casey Wiegand will be sharing straight from the heart. See you then.

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