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Friday, May 6, 2011


Motherhood should come with a university degree! How is it that the greatest job on earth expects no qualifications or training. It really is amazing, no experience needed, please sign up here. Hello!

No one ever told me that motherhood was really an oxymoron ... so frightening and wonderful all at once. Somehow I made it through that first year and the next as unprepared as I was. I had no idea that your heart could survive outside of your body and that a piece of you could and would begin crawling, walking and running into a life of their own. Stop, I'm still not ready for this!

No one told me that those pieces of you would never never leave your heart, your soul or your mind, that you would always be thinking about them, wondering if they are okay! Like the first day of school, the first sleepover, the first hospital visit, that operation, the first time riding a bike, that other hospital visit, new friends, new school, the first job ...  it never stops. All this wondering - not when your alone, or with friends, or at work. No matter where they go or what they are doing, there is always a piece of me wandering around out there, my heart outside of my body.

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