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Monday, June 6, 2011

A few musings

1. This book is pretty awesome.... I think you are going to love it - 30 days of inspiration. Its a book, a blog and so much more.

2. This week I have been thinking of a new business name for our little jewellery endeavour (If you don't already know - we began making jewellery last year to help raise the necessary funds to send me on a missions trip to Uganda.) As momentum gathers we are looking at ways of funding more mission trips and supporting our local church and their global missions projects. We hope to have a few products online in the not too distant future. The website details are still being worked through ... these things seem to take time - and lots of it.

This whole business side of things is a little overwhelming. I like creating, designing and making BUT I hate filling in forms and getting things registered ... argh!!

3. We have been purchasing our pieces from a local shop but they have recently put up their prices so think we should go a little further afield into the big ole internet world. So, I was wondering if anyone knows some great shopping spots/places to buy things online? I am not really very savvy in this regard, dare I say I haven't even bought anything through ebay - hhmmm!!, don't even think I've looked at ebay. Maybe that's my age showing... eeekk!!! 
(any suggestions to help us get started are most welcome :)

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