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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and like a flash of lightning, at once it exists and expires.
~ Charles Caleb Colton

Yay... its holidays... three beautiful weeks!
and this week I am finding joy in time ....
lots and lots of time :)

So I am taking time to breathe, pause and exhale
to capture, celebrate and cherish
a few favourite and anticipated moments.

time to ...
sleep in
even though I have to take one child
to the bus stop in the morning

time to ...
cook friends a meal
and pay it forward

time to ...
get things done, fix things up and
sort things out

time to ...
sit with a cup of tea
and not feel rushed throughout the day

time to ...
walk in the early evening
bliss, even if it is a bit chilly!!

time to ...
create, design and make
to sketch and draw and paint

time to ...
take photos because
I haven't had time lately!!

time to ...
pause, ponder and plan.

Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design? ~ Paracelsus

Time - a Simple Pleasure ....
* capture an opportunity * celebrate the beauty of life * cherish the everyday.
this is what is on my heart today.

Project Simple Pleasures2
capture, celebrate, cherish
friday favorite things | finding joy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a mysterious yearning ...

There is a restlessness in my soul,
a stirring so deep
it will NOT let me go.
A persistence which pursues me,
a longing so wide
and completely expansive.
An unyielding chase
is upon me,
this mysterious yearning for more. 
More of what? 
More hope and more purpose!
More of life!

A longing
 to not spend life 
on empty pursuits 
or trivial diversions. 
But rather 
to live uncontained, 
and unrestrained.
A longing for
a life 
of eternal significance.

A life utterly abandoned...
destined, devoted and daring.
I long to
sing a song of destiny
and dance to 
the rhythms of
a heavenly sound.

capture, celebrate, cherish

Friday, June 24, 2011

'Inspire me' - Amy Carmichael

Unforgettable Moments
As we travel throughout life there are moments that define us and mark us in unimaginable ways. Moments that indelibly leave a significant and permanent impression upon our hearts and souls that seem to beckon us forward, direct our steps and highlight the path that we should take in our time on earth.

One of my earliest unforgettable memories was as a quiet and reserved eight year old. It was a moment in time that significantly defined my young heart. My family had moved often in the first eight years of my life (and would continue to do so throughout my childhood and teenage years). Finding myself in another new school, new town and new friends, I often buried myself in a great book. My love of literature stems from the compelling stories I read and the places I travelled to in this solitary place. I met wonderful people along the way.

It was in this place that I met Amy Carmichael amongst the pages of quiet contemplation. She was an Irish missionary to Japan, China, Ceylon and finally India, where she devoted fifty-three years of her life to rescuing India's orphaned and abandoned children from deplorable temple practices. As a young girl Amy despised her plain brown eyes so she prayed for pretty blue ones instead. She was bitterly disappointed when God did not grant her the longing of her heart. Significantly it was these same brown eyes that aided her mission work later in life. With her coffee stained skin and suitably attired sari she blended in to Indian life. It was in this way that she was able to slip into Indian temples and rescue the lost children of India. I learnt early on that God does not always grant us the longings of our heart ..... his plans are beyond our simple desires and have much greater potential for our lives. Because of her work thousands of children were rescued.

Amy's story captured my young heart and a small seed of purpose nestled itself firmly and deeply within. Her story is inspiring, confronting and completely delightful. This story opened my eyes and broke my heart, stirring something within me. I was given the book at a Scripture Union afterschool program. (Thank you Scripture Union) I know that I won it for something…..I have no idea what for, but this book changed my life….Ha!...all eight years of it! ..... but some how it reached into my future and began shaping who I would become and what I would put my hand to today. Missions is still on my heart.
(Her example as a missionary inspired others (including Jim Elliot and his wife Elisabeth Elliot) to pursue a similar vocation - Source)

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destined, devoted, daring
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A Hair Dare

My Daughter has finally found a use for her thick and unruly hair! I can still hear her little girl complaints about her ridiculous knots (that we had to cut out, often), and the annoying thickness that weighed heavy on her head. It was totally unmanageable for her and she hated brushing it. I told her, 'One day you will appreciate your lovely long hair'. That day finally arrived .... fifteen and a half years later!

She was delighted to be asked to be a hair model. Imagine that!

So these are a few of my favourite pics ... with Photofunia!

and this is her with a few of her friends.

Okay, so she isn't really on the cover of vogue or on billboards.
Photofunia is my new favourite tool.
You have to try it!

She has been hair modelling though and dared to go fire engine red. We spent hours in the salon. She put up with a whole lot of teasing and tousling for a flaming head of hair and I put up with hearing all of her her yelps in the process! (A free hair cut, colour and style in a fancy salon...you gotta love that!)

Getting prepped for the hair show.

They had a fantasy hair theme .... and yes that is really all of her hair!!

I have a new appreciation for hair artistry. They are so creative!

friday favorite things | finding joy

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Friday, June 17, 2011

'Inspire me' - Song of Songs girl

I am inspired by the woman referred to in these verses (below) from the Song of songs. She is a woman living a devoted life, out taking care of the earth. She is purposeful, intentional and entirely devoted..... so much so that she has had no time to take care of her own face. (Imagine that!) She realises that while her outward appearance may be somewhat weathered and darkened, it is still elegant as she casts ridicule aside...not languishing over injustice or worrying about what others may think! She remains focused, determined and intentional.

5-6 I am weathered but still elegant,

oh, dear sisters in Jerusalem,

Weather-darkened like Kedar desert tents,
time-softened like Solomon's Temple hangings.
Don't look down on me because I'm dark,
darkened by the sun's harsh rays.
My brothers ridiculed me and sent me to work in the fields.
They made me care for the face of the earth,
but I had no time to care for my own face.

She has been time-softened like Solomon's temple hangings. I wonder what it is like to be time-softened? I wonder at what these hangings may have looked like?.... the elegant tapestry, the stories woven within the thread, the splendour and awe of such artistry. I wonder of the stories of ancient wisdom and lasting truth. How does one become time-softened and not time-hardened? How do you remain open, soft and pliable in an open arms kind-of-way when injustice attempts to invade?

In the following verses she longs to connect with her beloved.... enquiring of where she may find him, almost desperate to not miss out. She longs to be wherever he is, she wants to be there alongside him. She seeks him and finds him tending his flock, longing to be inside the orbit of his love and tender care she embraces what he embraces .... with all of her being .... with all of her heart and soul.

7 Tell me where you're working
—I love you so much—
Tell me where you're tending your flocks,
where you let them rest at noontime.
Why should I be the one left out,
outside the orbit of your tender care?

What inspired you this week?

destined, devoted, daring

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Taking a moment

In the busyness of life

I am taking a moment

- to pause, breathe and exhale

- to celebrate, capture and cherish

the beauty in the everyday.

.... living inspired by the beauty of life.


...a morning spent at Sea World
... V.I.P passes
... feeling like a child again,
there's nothing quite like screaming
on a roller coaster!

... breathing in salty air
... the smell of churros -
sweet, hot, sugary goodness.

... being inspired by nature
... dolphins - AMAZING, really!

... Mother and son time
... no queues
... tension slipping away

... celebrating a birthday
loved this yummy banoff cake!
... banana's, caramel and cream :)
... chai lattes

... afternoon tea with these girls
... smiles, laughter and fun

... an evening with friends
... a change of direction
... hope on the horizon.

capture, celebrate, cherish
friday favorite things | finding joy

Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspire me - Colour Sisterhood

destined, devoted, daring

Image Source

Walk for Freedom

One Love

One Heart

One Sisterhood

At Colour Conference this year we were given the little black t -shirt above as a gift. This month the Colour Sisterhood is focusing on walking for freedom. The Colour Sisterhood's initiative 'Be her Freedom' was birthed out of the Sisterhood's desire and mandate to place value upon womanhood.


because the crime of human trafficking cannot be ignored! The Colour Sisterhood is aligning with The A21 Campaign in raising awareness, rehabilitating rescued victims and changing legislation.

Because ...

Over 400, 000 Ukranian women between the ages of 15 and 27 have been trafficked in the past decade.

99% of victims are never ever rescued.

Estimates suggest that up to 27 million people are held in slavery worldwide.

Hard to imagine! ..... READ MORE here.

The A21 Campaign has developed a comprehensive prevention and awareness program which they want to roll out in the Ukraine to bring freedom to girls abducted and taken from their homes and communities. The program hopes to become established in high schools, universities and community centres, to ensure the next generation is aware and equipped to confront the risk of human trafficking.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet things

Here are a few 
sweet things for this week. 

a good cup of tea
sweet and 

I love a good book,
... especially with that cup of tea.
This is the book I am currently reading.

thanks to my boy for this special treat 
a foot massage.... AMAZING!!
(not that chocolate had anything to do with it.)

I love this time of year.
Beautiful sunlight,
not quite cold, 
leaves twirling from trees.

Most of all
I love this sweet shot of  
sibling love,
a rare occasion.
- So very sweet indeed -

Darcy over at My 3 boy barians has a photo linky and encourages us to take a sweet shot each week, hence the above shot. She has challenged us to write down 3 ways we would like to grow as a photographer over the next few months. Hhmmm.... I don't know if I really consider myself a photographer as I have no real experience but I do so love it. So any ways ..... I would really like to find out more about textures (I know nothing!!), perhaps take some great action shots..... and I would love to turn a few of my African photos into canvas prints.....so will have to do a bit more sorting and editing to do this.
Sweet Shot Day
Communal global is a great little community of beautiful lives around the world. It is a lovely sneak peek into some very interesting countries, cultures and lifestyles.

Rachel over at Finding Joy has a weekly link up of favourite things. I love her link up as she really knows how to find beauty in the simplest things. Check it out, it's always delightfully refreshing.
friday favorite things | finding joy

Monday, June 6, 2011

Seven dwarfs of small minded thinking

Living beneath your calling was the topic of last nights message. The story of the 7 dwarfs was used to illustrate how thinking small has the potential to take you out and stop you from living in all the fullness of life. Below is an analogy of the seven dwarfs to remind us to not be limited by small thinking. Do not allow your calling, hope or dreams to be dwarfed by doubt, fear or unbelief. 

'If you shoot for the moon and miss...at least you will land amongst the stars.'

Image source here

1. Happy - the dwarf of contentment can leave you in a place of living ho hum.... we need to challenge ourselves to live above just being contented with life and live large as well.... just being happy is not enough. We must be stirred to action, passionate and fully expecting of more.... especially the immeasurable being poured out over our lives. Being happy does not change the world! Feeling the pain of humanity causes us to rise to action. That gut wrenching, heart breaking heart for the lost, alone and abandoned leads us to be the change. Don't settle just for happiness!
2. Dopey - the dwarf of not being fully alert, ready or prepared for life. Living somewhere in between means we never fully realize our dreams or potential.
3. Sneezy - the dwarf of worry. Worrying about life's aches, pains and symptoms will shift our focus from what is truly possible.
4. Grumpy - the dwarf of being negative. Being pessimistic, moody and surly leaves you unhappy and unfulfilled in life. We need to live above life's circumstances.
5. Doc - the dwarf of always having to be right. Pointing out every ones faults, imperfections and inadequacies can leave you alone and on your own.
6. Bashful - the dwarf of hesitancy - standing back and never really participating in life. Being too scared to get out there and give life or your dreams a go will leave you shortchanged in life.
7. Sleepy - the dwarf of laziness. When challenges present themselves we need to press forward and ever onward. Allowing our dreams to go to sleep and be unrealised will leave us empty and purposeless.
Thanks to the seven dwarfs for this analogy..... we really do love you. Now go make your life lovely :)

A few musings

1. This book is pretty awesome.... I think you are going to love it - 30 days of inspiration. Its a book, a blog and so much more.

2. This week I have been thinking of a new business name for our little jewellery endeavour (If you don't already know - we began making jewellery last year to help raise the necessary funds to send me on a missions trip to Uganda.) As momentum gathers we are looking at ways of funding more mission trips and supporting our local church and their global missions projects. We hope to have a few products online in the not too distant future. The website details are still being worked through ... these things seem to take time - and lots of it.

This whole business side of things is a little overwhelming. I like creating, designing and making BUT I hate filling in forms and getting things registered ... argh!!

3. We have been purchasing our pieces from a local shop but they have recently put up their prices so think we should go a little further afield into the big ole internet world. So, I was wondering if anyone knows some great shopping spots/places to buy things online? I am not really very savvy in this regard, dare I say I haven't even bought anything through ebay - hhmmm!!, don't even think I've looked at ebay. Maybe that's my age showing... eeekk!!! 
(any suggestions to help us get started are most welcome :)

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capture, celebrate, cherish
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