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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a moment please

I love watching my son clambering the rock pools, searching for marine life, exploring, investigating and unearthing the abundance of marine creatures and sea life within these shallow pools. I have watched with fascination his exploration of simple pleasures....his zeal for slimy creatures, hidden treasures and each new discovery. I have reveled in the pure delight that lights up his sweet face with each new creature. When I took this photo I sat there quietly on the rocks soaking it all in, the seagulls overhead, the surf pounding and this boy of mine scurrying all over the place ... never still for long...looking, always looking for something new and interesting.

I watched and wondered, how many more days like this were still ahead? .... Would he be too old for these furtive rock expeditions next summer?
Watching your children growing up is bitter sweet, such a poignant experience. This letting go of childhood is never really very easy. (Don't get me wrong, I'm really okay with the teenage years ahead... its just that having been down this road before I know what I'm in for and I know I WILL embrace it all willingly... someday.... soon. But not right now! I'm not ready yet.) I think a few more visits to these rock pools need to be taken first, just so I can catch a few more memories to bury deep within my heart. So I can soak it all up and remember, truly remember these last moments of childhood. Then in the years to come I can sit on these rocks and remember this boy of mine just as he was, pure delight.

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