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Monday, June 6, 2011

Seven dwarfs of small minded thinking

Living beneath your calling was the topic of last nights message. The story of the 7 dwarfs was used to illustrate how thinking small has the potential to take you out and stop you from living in all the fullness of life. Below is an analogy of the seven dwarfs to remind us to not be limited by small thinking. Do not allow your calling, hope or dreams to be dwarfed by doubt, fear or unbelief. 

'If you shoot for the moon and miss...at least you will land amongst the stars.'

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1. Happy - the dwarf of contentment can leave you in a place of living ho hum.... we need to challenge ourselves to live above just being contented with life and live large as well.... just being happy is not enough. We must be stirred to action, passionate and fully expecting of more.... especially the immeasurable being poured out over our lives. Being happy does not change the world! Feeling the pain of humanity causes us to rise to action. That gut wrenching, heart breaking heart for the lost, alone and abandoned leads us to be the change. Don't settle just for happiness!
2. Dopey - the dwarf of not being fully alert, ready or prepared for life. Living somewhere in between means we never fully realize our dreams or potential.
3. Sneezy - the dwarf of worry. Worrying about life's aches, pains and symptoms will shift our focus from what is truly possible.
4. Grumpy - the dwarf of being negative. Being pessimistic, moody and surly leaves you unhappy and unfulfilled in life. We need to live above life's circumstances.
5. Doc - the dwarf of always having to be right. Pointing out every ones faults, imperfections and inadequacies can leave you alone and on your own.
6. Bashful - the dwarf of hesitancy - standing back and never really participating in life. Being too scared to get out there and give life or your dreams a go will leave you shortchanged in life.
7. Sleepy - the dwarf of laziness. When challenges present themselves we need to press forward and ever onward. Allowing our dreams to go to sleep and be unrealised will leave us empty and purposeless.
Thanks to the seven dwarfs for this analogy..... we really do love you. Now go make your life lovely :)

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