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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet things

Here are a few 
sweet things for this week. 

a good cup of tea
sweet and 

I love a good book,
... especially with that cup of tea.
This is the book I am currently reading.

thanks to my boy for this special treat 
a foot massage.... AMAZING!!
(not that chocolate had anything to do with it.)

I love this time of year.
Beautiful sunlight,
not quite cold, 
leaves twirling from trees.

Most of all
I love this sweet shot of  
sibling love,
a rare occasion.
- So very sweet indeed -

Darcy over at My 3 boy barians has a photo linky and encourages us to take a sweet shot each week, hence the above shot. She has challenged us to write down 3 ways we would like to grow as a photographer over the next few months. Hhmmm.... I don't know if I really consider myself a photographer as I have no real experience but I do so love it. So any ways ..... I would really like to find out more about textures (I know nothing!!), perhaps take some great action shots..... and I would love to turn a few of my African photos into canvas prints.....so will have to do a bit more sorting and editing to do this.
Sweet Shot Day
Communal global is a great little community of beautiful lives around the world. It is a lovely sneak peek into some very interesting countries, cultures and lifestyles.

Rachel over at Finding Joy has a weekly link up of favourite things. I love her link up as she really knows how to find beauty in the simplest things. Check it out, it's always delightfully refreshing.
friday favorite things | finding joy
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