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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet things

Here are a few 
sweet things for this week. 

a good cup of tea
sweet and 

I love a good book,
... especially with that cup of tea.
This is the book I am currently reading.

thanks to my boy for this special treat 
a foot massage.... AMAZING!!
(not that chocolate had anything to do with it.)

I love this time of year.
Beautiful sunlight,
not quite cold, 
leaves twirling from trees.

Most of all
I love this sweet shot of  
sibling love,
a rare occasion.
- So very sweet indeed -

Darcy over at My 3 boy barians has a photo linky and encourages us to take a sweet shot each week, hence the above shot. She has challenged us to write down 3 ways we would like to grow as a photographer over the next few months. Hhmmm.... I don't know if I really consider myself a photographer as I have no real experience but I do so love it. So any ways ..... I would really like to find out more about textures (I know nothing!!), perhaps take some great action shots..... and I would love to turn a few of my African photos into canvas prints.....so will have to do a bit more sorting and editing to do this.
Sweet Shot Day
Communal global is a great little community of beautiful lives around the world. It is a lovely sneak peek into some very interesting countries, cultures and lifestyles.

Rachel over at Finding Joy has a weekly link up of favourite things. I love her link up as she really knows how to find beauty in the simplest things. Check it out, it's always delightfully refreshing.
friday favorite things | finding joy

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urban muser said...

those are great photography goals...i should do that too.

Tamar SB said...

Great goals, I should set some for myself too!!

ChantaleP said...

Great goals! This is also a really sweet shot, love the lighting. : )

Susan said...

Just love this one!

Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Gorgeous photo! LOVE all that light.

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Beautiful picture. I just love when I catch some sibling love too!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a great moment of sibling love! Great goals. Your African photos on canvas would be gorgeous! :)

Danyelle said...

Great goals,a nd you captured such a sweet moment between siblings.

Sandra said...

This is a beautiful picture! I'm just starting in photography and am loving it. As you learn, you should share the ways in which you're growing so that maybe I could glean a little! Again, great picture! :)

Deidra said...

The light in that photo is really sweet!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Sibling love...so sweet!

Kristy said...

cute shot!

tinajo said...

They are both lovely and so are the colors! :-)

Rachel said...

Great pictures!!! I always forget that you are opposite seasons --- and I had a sister who lived down in New Zealand last year so you'd think I'd remember. But, you're right about fall. It's beautiful, but I'm not going to dream for it yet up here!! We're just entering into summer {thank goodness}

Thanks for linking up!!


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