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Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspire Me - Amanda

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Good friends are like stars ... you don't always see them but you know they are there!

Last week I gave tribute to a few friends who regardless of their circumstances, continue to smile at the future. One of these amazing women is my good friend Amanda. She is a devoted wife and mother who faces unique personal struggles yet rises each day with renewed strength and grace .... she truly inspires me.

 Amanda has a heart condition that impacts many areas of her life. Doctors told her after her second child that she would be putting her health and life at risk if she fell pregnant again. This came as a blow to her as she had always imagined a big family. However, it has not stopped her from creating a big family feel within her home. She readily embraces people from all walks of life to the family dinner table. There are always people coming and going. She lives with an open door policy and all are welcome. 

Amanda also suffers with Cealiac disease which seriously limits her eating choices but she refuses to allow it to limit her or keep her small or contained. She must cook different food for herself as she prepares her families meals each day which requires careful planning and consideration. Eating out brings its own set of unique problems and I have observed her patience and kindness with wait staff who show little understanding or regard for the food requests she must make to stay pain free. She meets questioning looks and arched eyebrows with ease. 

Amanda has a wonderfully weird sense of humour and she laughs at odd things. She can laugh until she cries and her laugh is truly infectious. She can take a conversation to a deep level in a matter of seconds and gets to the heart of an issue before you even realise it. I am continually blown away with how she does this with complete strangers .... at the checkout, the hairdressers - anywhere - anytime - she is talking about life, its purpose and how God fits into the equation!

But perhaps what I admire most about Amanda is how she releases her husband to serve God with his time, talent and treasure. His devotion to building the church is paralleled by her devotion to the plans and purposes of God for all of their lives. I have never met a more selfless person! There have been countless hours of devotion on his part with many hours of absence, yet she continues to release him and smiles at the future. She does not live in the here and now but has her eye focused towards eternity.

She sure know how to have fun!!

Well, I am off to be a good friend ... she has just got out of hospital and I am going to sit with her for a few hours and keep her entertained .... although I suspect she will be the one making me laugh over her hospital antics. (I just got off the phone with her and she told me one of her clients was attending to her in hospital {she was rather amused by this turn of events}.... never one to miss an opportunity - I'm sure she now has a few more hairdressing appointments!!)

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