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Friday, August 12, 2011


This week the Gypsy Mama is on a beauty hunt... a search to discover what is truly beautiful in the hearts and minds of writers out there in the blog -0- sphere. She challenged us to write down where we find beauty.
'in the laundry folded in love, beds made, dinners cooked, lattes picked up for the husband at Starbucks. The red high heels, the swimsuit that shows off the wonder that your body has delivered, the family legacy of freckles. Even the tired eyes from being up all night with sick kids.' - the Gypsy Mama.
We get five minutes to write, so here i go ...

As I get older I am more and more awestruck by the beauty that surrounds us ..... from the voluptuous raindrop perfectly formed and balancing delicately on the tip of a leaf to the roar of the ocean pounding its resounding beat upon the sea shore. Beauty .... that small whisper flitting on the wind, the deafening shout of a mighty waterfall..... the kindness of siblings sharing, a friend in need, an old couple holding hands, a wrinkled face, a chubby grin, artistic flair, creative vices, colourful poetry, a tantalising musical ..... beauty is there if we but stop to see it and glimpse our world just a little differently.

Stop rushing, pause longer!

.... Take off the lens cap from your heart .... adjust the focus of your life, align your perspective and capture your hopes, dreams and future .... relish the beauty of life.

capture, celebrate, cherish

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Anonymous said...

I like the photography references in this (as I forever have a camera to my eye)... Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

this is great! i'll be taking off the lens cap today in search of the beauty. :)

My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi - I love how you say as you get older you are more awestruck by the beauty around you. I feel the same. I see something I see all the time but then suddenly one day, I look and I think wow, thats so beautiful. I think thats God opening my eyes to the beauty in the everyday.
Great 5 minutes
God bless

Jen said...

I love this: take off the lens cap of your heart. Such inspiration!

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