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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beyond reason or sensibility

Part 1 - Rain Falling

Part 2  
The light that pours forth is all encompassing. Mesmerised, my eyes never leave the rainbow of light flickering before me. It's rays of brilliance dance up and down in front of me. Touching my skin, it seeps into my pores, spreading to the farthest reaches of my soul.  Caressing the hidden parts of me, the secret places within that no man knows and where no one can go. This light is not only brilliant but effervescent and so incredibly tangible. Encircled by its radiance, a shiver impulsively escapes from the core of my being. Gingerly I reach out and touch the pulsating light, slipping my hand into the glowing softness. Velvety and smooth it caresses my skin reaching deep into my heart and on into my soul. The storm within suddenly dies down, the restlessness on the horizon ceases to exist. Everything within me is swept up in a sea of tranquility. Serenity surrounds me and I find myself drifting in this vast ocean of unexpected calm. Beyond reason or sensibility I am lulled into an unexplainable and unimaginable peacefulness. Time and understanding are transcended.  I am swallowed up in its beauty and care for nothing but being suspended by this omnipotent reality and infinite power.

Philippians 4:7 ... His peace that transcends understanding will guard my heart and my soul. When all else fails His never ending, supreme and divine love, so full of grace and mercy invades every part of my being. It is complete and utterly beyond comprehension. He who knows me better than I know myself. He who so intimately delights in me, is there .... always there waiting ... even in this desert place - this vast and dry expanse that stretches before me. He is there still, he satiates my being, filling me up ... His peace is a soothing balm to my weary soul. What seems impossible, unachievable and totally out of reach rests in His hands. I am safe in His embrace.

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