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Friday, September 16, 2011

Joy with the Gypsy Mama

Joy is a bubble that wells up from within ... it is infinite elation, pure delight, sunshine and laughter. It is that never ending feeling of frivolity and unexpected surprise. Joy can sneak up on you and blow your socks off.  Joy is the kiss of heaven, a babe in arms, a glorious sunset and a mischievous grin!! It comes in many ways, when you least expect it ... you know joy has touched you because it leaves a path of delicious satisfaction in its wake. There is a smile on your face long after the joy has escaped you. It is the little things and the big things ... it brings serenity to your soul and a twinkle to your eye like nothing else can!

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Anonymous said...

Joy is such an amazing state to live in - You describe so well the little things and moments that can create this feeling. Thanks and have a lovely day!

Lisa said...

YES! You have nailed it! JOY :)

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