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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Embrace your future by owning your now.

Linking this post up with 'October followers fest' ... and introducing my little bit of the blogosphere - a blog with heart and soul and a 'heart 4 humanity'. This is my little place of inspiration.

It is an opportunity to be inspired by the beauty of life.
~ to capturecelebrate and cherish the ordinary and the extraordinary.

My thought for the day ~ Learning to live inspired.

I took this photo at the Musee d'Orsay looking towards the Louvre in Paris. It was a random snap that day and I didn't really get the clock from a good angle but when I was looking through my pics today for a little inspiration, it seemed to fit perfectly. I was trying to come up with a great life quote but couldn't think of anything. These simple words popped into my head instead (Not so easy being original and authentic!) ... and I am most definitely talking to myself here!! I so long to embrace all that is in my future and am at times impatient with the progress (or lack there of). Time seems to pass so slowly when your in the day to day. However I realise more and more that it is my now that positions me for the next moment, the next step and the next adventure. What I choose to invest my time, talent and treasure into impacts the days ahead. My NOW moment aligns me with my future!
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Jessica Heights said...

That is SO inspiring! :)

melody-mae said...

love it. and LOVE Paris too. We went for the first time last year and it is so lovely there isn't it? & I love your quote!

Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

What a lovely photo. It's so true that our 'now' lays the path for what lies ahead. I get impatient too, with the possibilities and also the dreams that God has placed on my heart. But I need not wait for later to be inspired...I've got to remember to live today. Thanks for the reminder :)

Lindsey said...

Beautiful!!! We have yellow corn in Ohio, too. Those pictures are Indian Corn. I think it's just a different seed. They mostly use it for feed for the animals and decoration. :)

Ryan and Melanie said...

Love this picture! Oh, I so understand the getting impatient with the lack of progress at times. Yet, each day is a miracle, isn't it? When we slow down to capture, we see beauty. It all takes time {so fitting withe image of the clock}

Melanie Joy

Reformed rebel said...

Great post. Very inspiring! I have been learning that it's how I'm living right now that matters. If I do what I'm supposed to now everything falls into place where God wants it and me...now and later!

Stacie said...

It IS a good quote. And it is so easy to fall into the "my life will REALLY begin when..." A big part of my current process is to enjoy the right now. Thanks for encouraging me to that end.

Jo Royal said...

Fantastic post - thank you. 'Owning your now' - really inspiring words - and so important. We can waste so much time regretting the past, or planning for the future that we miss out on what we are being given at present. I am not one to dwell much on the past - but I do dream about the future a lot - wonder what I have missed during these times?!!
Off now to own the rest of the day!

Thank You

Denise said...

"Owning your now"; I love this! :) For me, living life in the present is part of living life to the fullest! Lots of thought on this lately; God is definitely working on my heart to embrace and share daily all of the beauty and love that surrounds me! :)

Blessings and hugs,

Pieces of Sunshine said...

What an a amazing clock photo, perfect for you quote.

carissa said...

it's so true... when you're in the middle of the days they seem so slow, but the years go by so so fast!

and what an awesome photo!

Pamela said...

Awesome. Paris is my "someday" dream. I love the photograph. Sometimes the ones we think won't make a big impact are the ones which do. I'm going to pay more attention to the Now.

Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

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