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Friday, October 7, 2011

Letting go

I got older this week (another birthday)...  and it makes you think about growing, changing and letting go. I am beginning anew by throwing away a few old things. I am clearing out a few things to make a bit of room for some new things and hopefully a few new experiences too .... clearing out old shoes, old clothes and a lot of old stuff. I use to hold on to these things because who knows when you might need it .... it may suddenly increase in value and might become valuable or even vintage! But I am thinking that I will let someone else appreciate and discover the value in these old things. Sometimes the things we hold onto can actually keep us small, contained and ... well boring. It's time to make room for more ... more room, more dreams and more of this life.

The paradox is that in order to embrace the new, we have to be willing to let go ... to let go of old things so we can hold on to something different and new. We have to be willing to open our hands and let go of the old, the things weighing us down and the things keeping us contained.

In order to hold on to something we have to be willing to let go of something.

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