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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A mother's love

A mothers love is gracious, kind, overflowing and limitless.
It knows no bounds, even amidst the angst and trial of everyday schedules, boundary setting and life's highs and lows it looks for the good in those impish grins and mischievous souls.

We find untapped potential in the barest of landscapes.
We can see the end before it has even begun.
Suddenly the horizon is clearer than once thought possible.
The stars not so hard to reach for
and dreams within our grasp.

We pick up those small bundles when they stumble and fall.
Their pain is our pain, we feel it to the core.
It is carried like a badge across our hearts.
We who offer an uncompromising love like a high flying kite,
are the bridge of hope across a gorge of doubt 
and endless insecurities.

We long to see our children reach their full potential 
and see the best in them, even when others don't.
We nurture fledgling self esteems ... 
we cultivate, encourage and protect always.
Every day we begin anew 
and pull out new reserves, new strength and new grace.

We can't help it ... we didn't know its pull before, 
before the days of a babe in arms. 
But we know it now,
this great big life force pulsing through our veins.
This wondrous and sacred thing!

Life like we once knew it has ceased to exist. 
Our hearts melt in ways never before conceived.
We have been changed forever ...
in unimaginable ways.
It is who we are now 
and what we will always be!

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