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Monday, October 3, 2011

A ray of hope

When we truly see and behold his splendour, we cannot help but be moved and enveloped by his bountiful and merciful love. A love that reaches out and permeates our heart and soul in ways that only He can do. When it has embraced you and touched the very depths of you ... nothing is ever the same! His mercy, peace and grace pierce the very core of who we are, securely embedding itself within as a ray of hope ... a beacon guiding us home.

It is this hope that anchors us through the storms of life. Hope accomplishes the same thing for our soul as an anchor does for a ship. It holds us fast and steady. As the winds of life whip around us, we can be assured of being firmly secured by God's love and grace ... offering us eternal hope.

 Hope is the anchor and our faith the chain securing us firmly so we do not run aground. Faith stands in the gap for what hope desires, longs for and intentionally anticipates. So glad I have this hope to carry me through this season.
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