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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello 2012

Okay ... so I am a little late with the new year resolutions ... but, anyways ... this year we have decided to eat healthier (trying out the vegetarian lifestyle ... well, no red meat ... bring on the tofu!!), exercising more often (and running more than walking), undertaking a few home renovations, participating in a photography course and working at being happy when my baby girl graduates from high school at the end of the year!!

We have well and truly been enjoying our holidays, soaking up the summer sun, reading, lazing by the pool, camping and exploring places we have never been. Such fun!! I took a self imposed computer/internet break to spend some quality time with my precious family ... and loved it so very much. Therefore, I may not be back for another week or so until school starts back. Hope the new year is showing you a good time.

Swimming out to the falls - Exploring new territories.

One week in and the year is already off to a great start and I am really looking forward to a full and fabulous year. I will be working full time and am over the moon to be teaching Grade One. So excited about this and have been thinking about it all holidays. Am actually looking forward to the end of my six week break. As I have worked part time since the kids were little, it will be a bit of a balancing act. Now that they will both be in High School, we all felt that the time was now or never to take the plunge. Wish me luck.

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