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Thursday, July 19, 2012


- Grace - 
She really is so sweet. 
She is an open hand
and flourishing heart,
full of favour and forbearance.
Kindness is set within her eyes
and mercy is upon her lips.
She is a believer of integrity,
a leader of virtue,
 a follower of truth.
She protects hearts
and saves souls.

There have been times
(More than I care to count) 
when I fell so very far from grace.
Yet, she loved me still.
Bestowing bountiful 
and unmerited gifts upon me,
despite my failings, 
despite my shortcomings.
(It is a wonder that I have been
able to stay in her good graces so long.)
Thankfully all is not lost.
(I truly have been found)

Dear amazing Grace
Thanks for being my friend
I am so very blessed!
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