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Friday, December 21, 2012

Finding time

I love this time of year, the traditions, the celebrations, the family time and the opportunity to reflect on another year gone by. In the midst of christmas preparations, excited children and the general craziness that christmas brings, I sit and contemplate the meaning of it all. This amazing life that we get to live is a beautiful gift. I think about purpose and destiny and how it is like one of the colourful presents wrapped so neatly under the christmas tree. My heart and soul are quickened by the thought that destiny is a gift, my gift waiting to be unwrapped. I think about how I only have this moment, this time to tear off the layers keeping it intact and to hold it fully in my hands with pure giddy delight. If only I had just a little more time.

The years fly by so ridiculously fast, and sometimes I wish that I could just snatch up this constant ticking. How I would love to bottle it up for a while longer so I could twist off that lid when I needed it most and pour it generously over my life. Oh, how nice it would be to give just a teeny bit more to the moments we want to cherish forever or to that endeavour that we have only just begun. 

Time is elusive, we can't hold it or scoop it up. No matter how much we try to hold onto time, it continually slips through our fingers. We mark time by seconds, minutes, hours and days. Seasons come and seasons go and still time marches on. Relentless in its pursuit ... counting out our days, our years and our time here on earth.

Time stands still for no man, 
It is no respecter of persons!

Time sweeps you up,
and pulls you along.
It marches to a steady beat,
You must keep up!

Time is good to us when we carefully plan ahead, map out our days and schedule events. Like clockwork life goes round and round, rolling on and on. Marking out our existence, it chimes aloud the next milestone or the next momentous occasion. We march to the steady beat of its drum. What happens though when time is lost ... or stolen? or when time escapes us or is wasted? 

Can we take back time,
or make up for it?
Can time be found
... or recovered?

In this fast paced, crazy and frenetic time that we live,
In this jubilant and festive season now upon us,
I eagerly look forward to unwrapping just a little more time!  

'There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.' - Ecclesiastes 3:1

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