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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Confident Hope

A Confident Hope

A confident hope t'is a place of safety and shelter, a sweet sanctity of promise.
A strong tower and fortress, standing formidably on summits of dank turmoil.
The place where soul marrow is nourished and spirit fire glows brightly.
Impervious refuge of bolstered integrity and unpretentious trust,
where bone weary beings find rest in the promise of more.
Amidst the opulence of an interminable tranquility,
it is an anticipation and expectancy that is sure.
Determined and unwavering in its existence.
It spills forth, overflowing and bubbling.
The breath of life in broken ruins.
A wellspring that never dies.
Lifting us up and away.
Rising like the wind,
hope leads us on.
Embrace hope, 
hold hope.
~ hope ~

~ K. Weight ~

... so very thankful for an abiding hope that continually beckons me forward.

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