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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hope will lead us on

Hope flickers in the darkness, 
a light that pervades turmoil, 
leading the hopeless forward. 
A presence that lingers on the horizon, 
calling aloud to her people,
 beckoning the willing toward her. 
Press on, one step, one breath 
- Hope cannot stand still. 
She moves with purpose, pushing ahead 
where none have gone before. 
The brave follow her weaving trail, 
they hear her whisper in the wind,
 and tend to her words. 
This light of heaven invading earth, 
daring the bravest of souls
 to walk into the great unknown, 
envelops the most daring of subjects. 
Her flickering flame burns deep, 
deep into the heart of man.
 The stamp of eternity is thus pressed
 hard against the heel of humanity, 
leaving its fiery mark. 
An eternal flame of certainty
 glows brightly where dreams once lay bare, 
Hope will lead us on.

Hope is stirring deep within. She is a sweet balm for the soul, healing to the heart and health to the bones. When everything swirling in the air is abuzz with doubt and worry, and fears linger on the edge of reason, hope assures me that there is more - more to do, more to this life, more dreams longing to be clothed with significance, so much more out there still.

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