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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A miracle happened!

Slices of sunlight streamed in the window, shifting energy flickered off the walls.
Earth dust swirled above me, I drifted in and out of waking.
A new day dawning, possibilities rising.

Conscious of the morning sounds calling, I pulled the blankets a little tighter.
People slowly moving, footsteps echoing, cars whirring, life stirring.
A new day stretched wide, expanding its summit, much to do.

Children calling, phone ringing, emails beeping.
I pull the pillows closer.
Stop thinking.


Deep breaths.
I open my eyes and examine the dust.
The twirling particles float aimlessly, drifting on motionless air.

The ticking clock beckons, measuring its intervals rhythmically.
Another day of life, time to grasp reality, cup half empty or cup half full.
I breathe deeply, inhaling heavenly wonder, soul opens wider, heart grows fuller.

Physical senses smack into holy wonder.
This day - this moment - this life, dislodge mortal reasoning for everlasting truth.
I take the cup half full, I rise slowly and reach out, slipping on the miracle of a new day.

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Jen Ferguson said...

This is just the perfect post for me to start my day with...I was starting to drown in things I "should do" and this makes me see life differently. It's not about the "shoulds." It's about the "Where are you going to take me today, Lord?" Thank you so much for linking with SDG this morning. It totally rocked my day!

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