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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What lies before us

What lies within us resides insurmountable potential because we have been destined and pre ordained for more. We have been purposed beyond all earthly comprehension for a time to come, a time of infinitely designed significance, and it is this knowing that echoes across our existence. The past is but a line drawn in the sand, a line that states what once was. It is a line between what was and what will be, that is all. The past is a string of lights flickering behind us, acknowledging a path travelled. But the future, the future is a beacon of hope. It is a song that reverberates outside of time and space. Across the years, this song of purpose directs us forward - because wisdom and truth is a song we have learnt to sing in the toughest of battles. Its anthem has been raised in the stormiest of seas, amidst the turmoil of life, and in the hard places of life. We have learnt to press on, that is the magnificence of the human spirit. We, such unique humanity, grow resilient despite loss, grow stronger through brokenness. What lies within us is is truly unfathomable, it is entirely limitless. Empowered by what might lie before us, we are stirred to climb higher and rise yet again. 

There is more for us than the bare bones of just living, more than this temporal world, so much more than we could hope or imagine. Hope calls our potential to arise. Like a lighthouse, hope and possibility shine before us. They direct us to safe places. This sweeping arc of light guides us through the darkness, it leads us home. Hope and possibility, the sweet mingling of tomorrow, is there for us to hold on to. If we are brave enough to see it we can grasp it wholeheartedly. What lies before us is unbelievable possibility. That possibility is the sum of all of who we are now and into the future, it is both our weakness and our greatness and when we weigh the weight of our weakness against all of our possibility, we are strengthened every time.

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