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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Live audaciously!

Life is about accepting challenge and stepping out of comfort zones.

Life isn’t so much about calculating the risk, but accepting the risk and doing it anyway.

Life should not be lived within the safety of comfort zones or neutral states of behaving. This mental conditioning causes restrictive boundaries and indifferent perspectives, where we are neither thinkers or creators. If we are not prepared to take a risk or make a mistake, we compromise the ability to think divergently and act creatively!

Take the butterfly for instance, its struggle is necessary to its survival. Help it escape its cocoon and the butterfly will live out its days deformed, unable to experience the exhilaration of flying free. It is in the struggle that the butterfly finds its strength.  After its dark days inside the cocoon, the butterfly has this one moment to accept its destiny, this one final moment to live beyond its restrictions. To fail to push through in this pivotal moment will impact the butterfly forever. It will live out its existence crawling in a world where it was destined for something greater. It must gather its energy and exert itself completely and wholeheartedly at the crucial moment. The butterfly must squeeze its frail body out of its tiny confined space. It will emerge withered and worn, but then it begins to extend and expand its full capacity … the butterfly will spread its wings and fly.

We shouldn’t be frightened of thinking differently or making mistakes … or afraid of picking ourselves up once again after loss and adversity. It is in these exact places that our biggest battles are won. Comfort zones need to be pushed, boundaries overstepped and our thinking stretched beyond its capacity. True ingenuity is discovered in strenuous effort and enterprise.

So go right ahead and think expansively, dream magnanimously and live audaciously.

The gift of life requires us to live devotedly and passionately in the realm of remarkable resolve.

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