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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So .... after dropping the mud cake

As I zipped off to 'Mums n bubs' this morning, I decided to stop and pick up a mud cake for our lovely mummies to have for morning tea. After arriving a tad late, I jumped out of my car with a certain amount of gusto while carefully balancing a box of presents with one hand and the cake in the other. I threw the car keys into my dangling handbag which was hanging rather limply from one arm but unfortunately my juggling skills lack a certain amount of prowess. Misjudging my acrobatic skills, I promptly dropped the mud cake on the side of the road ... right in front of Julie!(The domestic goddess herself). 

Once in the kitchen, I carefully rearranged the icing (sooooo embarrassing), smearing the icing smoothly back into place. Aaahhhh!!!!!!!

What an eventful start!

Having received Julie's nod of approval, the cake was finally ready and we could all begin. It turned out to be a wonderful morning.

Julie from ‘Savvy Tips’ gave us some great ideas to help the budding wanna-be goddesses amongst us, make a simple and oh so easy (you could probably do it with-your-eyes-shut kind of easy)  delicious dip. It tasted so good with only two ingredients! Philadelphia cream cheese and a small tin of tomato and onion tuna completed this concoction. 

I know! 
How simple and straightforward? 
Heavenly delectable goodness!

 Our lovely mummies also received some great tips for cooking a superb roast (their husbands will be happy). The secret, a little rock salt!

We now know how to get those potatoes extra crunchy too(rub a little rock salt into the skins) and voila, perfect crunchy spuds. The lamb roast cooked to mouth watering perfection. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle, it was a winner all round (Who knew?, the wonders of a tiny bit of tin foil at just the right moment to keep the juices in)

On a side note, a little bed of rock salt in the baking tray soaks up any excess moisture as the spud bakes, so no soft skins. Thanks Julie for your pearls of wisdom, you really are a wealth of information. We are now waiting for your blog to come out. 
Can't wait.

Lovely Bek from 'Two Smitten' home wares showed us how we can revamp a room for under a $100 with some very clever ideas. Her beautiful memory/photo boards are colourful and fun. Thanks Bek for sharing your creative ideas and colourful homes wares with us. We look forward to seeing your next seasons collection very soon. 

Our mums walked away with a gift to compliment our fun morning. 
Who loves a pamper pack? 

Such a lovely opportunity to pause this morning as we took a moment to breathe deeply in the never ending art of mothering. Love being inspired by the very creative women in our world.

Visit Heart and Soul Pursuits (Click the Link)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As honey is to the bee so is a heart word to the soul.

Pleasant, kind and gracious words (a message of significant meaning) are like honey to the soul, they are sweet, delicious and delightful, bringing the power to embrace, soothe and heal. Intentional words of grace, hope and substantial purpose are food for the soul and bring healing, wholeness and restoration … giving life sustaining energy and health to our body.

Intentional means to purpose and plan concentrated and deliberate attention. With this thought in mind we should extend words that grow (put out shoots) into the very heart and soul of those in our world. The body requires energy to function and grow and it is sugar (whether converted or actual) that provides this energy to the body. Without this energy our body becomes listless and lethargic. So to our soul without the sweetness of life giving words becomes silent and despondent. It fails to thrive…..we fail to rise.

A healthy soul needs to be fed invigorating and rousing words in order for it to successfully prosper and arrive. As parents we are required to feed life-sustaining energy into the very heart and soul of our children. As spouses we can grow the heart and soul of our loved one through a concentrated, deliberate and gracious word. As a friend we can purpose and offer heart and soul words into our relationships. What intentional message will you give today?

Proverbs 16:24

Pleasant – satisfying, agreeable and enjoyable
Kind – indulgent, considerate and helpful
Gracious – benevolent, courteous, merciful and compassionate

© copyright k.weight 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Generation Sisterhood - Teen Challenge Walk

What a glorious afternoon as we set off from Tallebudgeera Surf life saving club for our 5 kilometre walk. The sun shone brilliantly…high in the sky its rays bounced and radiated brightly off the sea, warm and resplendent, reminding us of the last vestiges of summer. A refreshing breeze rose to greet us as we walked, gulls flew overhead as 100 women walked around the Burleigh headland for the ‘Live Free Walk’. One hundred sisterhood girls united in heart and spirit for an amazing cause – The 'Teen Challenge - Live Free Walk'.

As we wound our way around Burleigh hill, a path of jovial and somewhat chatty girls snaked its way around the hill. Laughter filtered down from those ahead. Young girls eagerly ran ahead hoping to be the first to make it to the finish line….. Well done to my daughter and friends. Young girls hoping to be the change and longing to make a difference. Some of us powered ahead while others of us strolled along enjoying the opportunity to be together. All of us intent on supporting an amazing cause – the building of the new teen challenge facility in Toowoomba, QLD.

As we walked I glimpsed a view of hope and love in action… a sisterhood of girls walking united in cause…longing to restore dignity to a hurting world. Finally we descended the steps to our destination, making it to the end of our walk we were greeted by a colourful array of brightly coloured balloons, children happily bouncing on a jumpy castle and the delightful aroma of a bbq wafting through the air, all heralding the end of our ‘Live Free’ journey. What a privilege to be involved with such a worthy cause and have the opportunity to be able to make a difference.

Friday, April 16, 2010

hu·man·i·tar·i·an   [hyoo-man-i-tair-ee-uhn]

Humanitarian = Love
The above and beyond kind of love....it is that immeasurable and uncontainable heart force that is infinite and never ending.
Being a humanitarian and having a heart for humanity is about extending the hand of kindness. The definition of humanitarian refers to a person having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of others. Specifically a person actively engaged in the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering. Interestingly if you type in Good Samaritan into the online dictionary the synonym that comes up amongst others is humanitarian. So whether you are a good Samaritan, a do gooder, philanthropist, generous, kindly or benevolent referring to the expressing of good will and the desire to help others, it is all about being big hearted.

Luke 10:25-37

* hu·man·i·tar·i·an   [hyoo-man-i-tair-ee-uhn]

1. having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.
2. of or pertaining to ethical or theological humanitarianism.
3. pertaining to the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering: a humanitarian crisis.

4. a person actively engaged in promoting human welfare and social reforms, as a philanthropist.
5. a person who professes ethical or theological humanitarianism;

* A Good Samaritan 
a person who gratuitously gives help or sympathy to those in distress. Luke 10:30–37.

- Synonyms for Good Samaritan
helping hand

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Age is not important unless you are a cheese

'Age is not important unless you are a cheese.'

I love this quote by Helen Hayes. Just wish it was true. Funny how as you get older, age becomes even more important, especially if you are a woman. 

I'm not quite as young these days as I would like to imagine, my jeans are tighter than usual, my fitness is somewhat lacking and my skin is less than perfect, (wrinkle wrinkle go away...come again another day). Life just creeps up on you which is so very apparent when friends you haven't seen for awhile marvel at how your kids have grown, I marvel too...at how I even got here!!!!!. Where does the time go? I firmly believe that life is a little bit like a cheese platter - it contains a varied assortment of yummy delicacies to choose from. Each delicacy bringing its own taste, flavour and delicate texture. You just have to decide which delicacy you want to partake of first. (But please no mottley cheese for me - I don't like the blue bits.) The rest of the platter is still available for your consumption and tasting. 

The cheese platter brings the anticipation of a delightful evening...... a relaxing moment with friends ... the beginning of a festive evening - the smell of a bbq fills the air, bubbling conversation, soft laughter and lots of fun - oh so lovely. Life is indeed a wonderful event. If I had to decide what cheese I was, I'd have to say a camembert. Its a little bit firm on the outside but soft in the middle. Although depending on the temperature a camembert can be a bit gooey ..... hhmmmm. I find myself having matured some what by the journey of life but recognise there are still a few holes. Thankfully I still have a few years of maturing to go...... remember the thirties is now the NEW twenties. Therefore I am determined to taste away and enjoy the platter that I have been served.

This is an older post....but still as true today as back then :|

Monday, April 12, 2010

Arise and Awaken....be the change

Heart and Soul is a part of an amazing Sisterhood of girls around the globe - a company of everyday girls desiring to make a difference and make the world a better place. Having been awakened to the cry of humanity it is my time to rise up and bring eternal significance.... I personally am taking on the call to arise and awaken and go beyond, beyond ..... I am 'HEART AND SOUL', "I AM SISTERHOOD'. In the Colour Sisterhoods words, 'It is a foundation seeking to place value upon humanity - A story of unity and alliance.' The current 'Colour Sisterhoods' initiatives are fleshed out on three fronts; Orphans and children to rescue, sisters to come alongside and nations to believe in. Heart and Soul is aligning with this global fight against injustice - with all my heart and soul I intend on being the change.

Two of the 'Colour Sisterhood' initiatives that I personally seek to align with are 'Baby Watoto' and 'Be her dignity - facial reconstruction'. Watoto are starting two new baby homes in 2010, in Gulu and Kampala for abandoned and orphaned babies.

Watoto have also been working with a significant problem that emerged from the war crisis. The LRA used disfigurement as a method of torture. Many women have been horrifically disfigured. It costs only $3000 to restore someones smile and give back their dignity. (Detailed info about Watoto is under 'my cause' tab)

 I am a woman on a mission - I am  Sisterhood .....a global movement of girls around the earth!  (Sisterhood Declaration)

We can all be a part of the CHANGE - by aligning personally with a gathering of amazing women and girlfriends we can bring hope and healing to a hurting world. In the near future I plan on assisting at Baby Watoto with a few of my girlfriends and look forward to raising the funds necessary to go towards building a new babies home and reconstructive surgery for a Ugandan women. On the global front, the opportunity to be a part of the change is coming soon to the Gold Coast......would love to have you along for this amazing journey.

'We can't do everything, but we can do something!'

Sunday, April 11, 2010

White Butterfly Reflection Service

White butterfly reflection service gathers individuals and families who have lost children through pregnancy or infant loss. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to acknowledge the very real emotions associated with the loss of a child. It is a beautiful memorial service held annually in a supportive, caring and personal environment. This service is held on the 8th of May at 7a.m. Meeting at the Delfin Lake Pontoon - 235 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast.

Email - info@generation.org
Web - Generation.org

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mums n bubs - Meet a lovely Mummy

Let me introduce you to an up and coming mummy…. beautiful Sasha Deacon.
She is currently 35 weeks pregnant and absolutely glowing. Her little darling will be here very shortly….. motherhood is just a round the corner. Pregnancy dished her a few hiccups along the way - it looked like bubby was going to make an early entrance but for now has managed to stay put – currently cooking to perfection. We can’t wait to meet this precious bundle and love that we will soon see them at Mums n bubs. The nesting instincts are in full swing, and if her baby shower is anything to go by she is well prepared for the journey ahead. The term “Baby shower” refers to 'shower with blessing' and we certainly wish that for Sasha. The celebrations associated with pregnancy and childbirth are both ancient and enduring. Like other rites of passage associated with significant transitional events such as coming of age and marriage, baby showers function as a rite of passage and initiation into a beautiful and never ending life force, that of “motherhood.” Sasha we welcome you to motherhood.

- ‘God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.’ ~Jewish Proverb

Just for fun we have a little baby trivia – Let us know how you do ☺

1. What is the first sense a baby develops?

A. touch

B. taste

C. smell

D. hearing

2. When does the eye color set in an infant?
A. 6-9 months
B. 4-5 months

C. 2-4 weeks

3. A baby is born with how many bones?

A. 206

B. 300

C. 275

4. What percentage of babies actually arrive on their due date?

A. 80-81%

B. 24-25%

C. 3-4%

5. Babies are born without which body part?

A. Kneecaps

B. Elbows

C. Tailbone

D. Shoulder blades


1. D. hearing 2 A. 6-9 months 3. B. 300 (A baby is born with 300 bones, but an adult has 206 bones. These bones fuse together later.) 4. C. 3-4% 5. A. Kneecaps

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Journey to East Africa

Well I can hardly contain the excitement... I received the email today and I am finally embarking on the journey of a lifetime - 'Watoto Children's Village' in Uganda Africa. In 1994, Gary and Marliyn Skinner established Watoto Child Care Ministries as a compassionate response to the critical AIDS crisis confronting the East African nation of Uganda. Today Watoto is impacting the lives of more than 1,600 orphans - Uganda's most vulnerable children. Watoto's mission is to - Rescue a child, Raise a leader, Rebuild a nation. Homes are constructed to provide shelter for the most desperate children. These homes house eight children and a house mother. Watoto Children's Villages include clusters of these homes, primary and secondary classrooms, teachers' houses, a water project, medical clinic, nursery school, playgrounds, an agricultural project , a church and a community centre. The recently added baby home - 'The bullrushes' cares for abandoned babies in a loving, caring and nurturing environment and this is where I will be volunteering in the near future. To all the incredible people in my life I look forward to sharing this journey with you. So my amazing friends, join me in forging ahead with hope, purpose and destiny…. Together we can restore dignity and bring justice to the earth.

Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war and the deadly Aids epidemic.
- 12% of all Ugandan children under the age of 15 are orphans
- 1.7 million Ugandan children have been orphaned since the start of the epidemic
- There are currently 940,000 orphans living in Uganda
- This year there will 50 million AIDS orphans

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watoto Children's Choir

Looking forward to seeing the Watoto children's choir performing a soulful blend of african rhythm, contemporary gospel song and ethnic dance tonight. Their concert of hope highlights Africa's HIV/Aids and war crisis.

Watoto Site - Link here

Humanitarian Aid show at Australia Zoo - Link here

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ebb and Flow of Life

The ebb and flow of a mother's life is not unlike the ocean. Sometimes it is a gentle tide lingering upon the sandy beach; picturesque, mesmerising and serene, yet at other times vibrant, stormy - full and fierce, swirling and tugging her every which way... frothy and bubbling with strong undercurrents. 
Some days are naturally more vibrant and fraught with friction while others are more peaceful and serene. 

Embrace the ebb and flow of your amazing life as a mother with quite confidence, knowing that the storm will dissipate and the currents will move on. Do not surrender to the swirls that would seek to pull you under but drift upon the tide and linger in the vastness of it's beauty and grace. Allow yourself permission to work with the ebb and flow of your full and amazing life. 

When shaping destinies and bringing about change we can not expect that all will be smooth sailing. After all it is only in the refining process that anything of value is honed and polished. 
(Polish - to make more nearly perfect, a pleasing elegant style .. to accomplish a smooth and shiny finish) 
So if your child needs a little polishing then polish away and if you find yourself being polished then revel in knowing that you will come out of it with an elegant and refined style ... a finely polished soul and spirit - lovely.

 It is in such challenges that we are afforded a view of who we have become - glimpse the reflection that is you.
Value the depth and limitless boundaries of the love that has grown in your heart, 
marvel at the unending sacrifices you didn't know you cold make, be amazed at the perseverance that arises from deep within 
and stand in awe of the lives taking shape before you. 
You are living a vibrant, purposeful and delightful life.

When hope seems far off and dreams out of reach, you may just find that anything is possible.
© Copyright k.weight 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poem - My Friend

I am so inspired by the amazing girls around me who live life graciously, valiantly and oh so bravely. I love that I am surrounded by girls living life fully and expectantly even in the face of great adversity. The storms of life blow fierce and strong but still they remain rooted and grounded. Arising from the midst of heartache they still smile at the future...

Today I was inspired by your courage, tenacity and grace
So brave of you to stand so tall .. a smile upon your face
For I glimpsed a light inside of you - it shone so brilliantly
Thou the way has been quite rough - you live life valiantly
The storm did not contain you nor did it keep you small
I saw a girl who walked with hope - A girl who gave it all
A girl embracing all her dreams
A life of purpose it would seem
So my friend I cheer you on and love all that I see
For I know your heart is well and you are truly free.

© Copyright k.weight 2010 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/au/

Living in the light of eternity

Living in the light of eternity is my intentional decision to consistently live life with eternal perspective. While my spirit is tentatively housed to this earth through my human frailness, I am by no means held captive by this worlds frailties. I choose to not live bound by earths stratosphere, its galactic complexities or global extremities. I am not constrained by this worlds existential expectations or errant illusions. Rather I am intrinsically aware of a higher calling ... a song of divine destiny that sings to my soul, it has awakened the sleeping recesses of my mind and refuses to allow me to ever again be numbed by the hollow, superficial or vain. I cannot extinguish the vibrancy and rhapsody that play so consistently from deep within and wish not to relinquish its endearing hold. I am encapsulated within His divine love, my spirit is forever uninhibited. I only have this time, this moment, this life to fulfill destiny and enter the radiant and glorious halls of my heavenly home. I am forever aligned with divine purpose.

Comprehending that we have been purposed for this earth with such eternal significance is far beyond our human understanding, reasoning or our intellectual capacities. We who have been created by intelligent design - unique and individual - are necessary, vital and essential to an almighty plan. Our lives have been delicately and intricately woven into the pages of a divine history, all part of an omnipotent plan beyond our imaginings. Let us therefore dare to forge ahead through the pages of tomorrow and its imaginings and lay claim to our heavenly heritage. Dare to dream of what might be truly possible.

So take your heart, your soul and your imagination right out there and don't stop ... just keep on going.

Ephesians 3:20 - He is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine, all because of his power that is at work within us.

© copyright k.weight 2010

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