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Photography has always captivated me. As a life storyteller, capturing the moments of every day living is as necessary as the air I breathe. Over the years it has been a way of telling stories and keeping memories alive, from enthusiastic compact snapper to optimistic amateur, I've consistently scaled the heights of trial and error! They say that your first 1000 photos are your worst, I'd say it was much MUCH higher for me! 

It has been a bit like riding a bicycle, you fall off and get right back on. To keep your balance, you have to just keep on moving and pedal as fast as you can. Eventually you learn to ride in a straight line and progress to wildly throwing your hands in the air!

Photography is a bit like that, you think you have something nailed and soon realise you're a snappy camper ... but you keep shooting from the hip and eventually get a few great shots and get to do the happy dance when you hit the jackpot! Early on I had a fascination with vivid colours, which meant a little over processing and shockingly bright images! What can I say, I love colour. Even now I have to remind myself to keep a lid on it!

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens!

The pocket rocket (my trusty Olympus FE-340), and first digital compact with its 5x zoom and astounding 8 mps revolutionised my world (How times have changed!) 

The pocket rocket was a great little camera and had the honour of capturing my dream holiday. It officially retired in 2010 due to a little mishap dropping it mid snapping. If there is a camera heaven, I'm sure it would be resting there in the throne room (such was its angelic reach!) The compact Samsung Varioplan and its Schneider-kreuznach 10x optical zoom, with its wide angle lens happily took its place for my trip to Africa. A robust little digital with excellent point and shoot capabilities!  In 2014 it was packed away and upgraded for the impressive mirrorless Sony A5000 for my trip to IndiaCameras just keep on getting better and better! Can you see a pattern here? Eeekk!! ... I didn't realise until just this moment that travelling and new cameras seem to go hand in hand! Today I'm investing in the big stakes with the Sony A7 mark 11 and yes another holiday is looming. 

On Safari with the Samsung Schneider-Kreusnach 10x optical zoom (2010)

Samsung Schneider-Kreusnach 10x optical zoom (2010)

Mallorca, Spain - Olympus FE - 340 (2008)

Mallorca, Spain - Olympus FE-340 (2008)

Mount Tamborine, Gold Coast - Samsung Schneider-Kreusnach 10x optical zoom

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