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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Congratulations Son!

This son of mine has just graduated his university studies and now has a degree in Bio Medical Science. Proud is an understatement! After three years of slogging it out, he has now decided to further his studies by going in to the teaching profession. Following in his Mama's footsteps, cheers to a lifetime of making a difference in the lives of our young people. Could not be more proud of the young man he is becoming!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Misadventure in Greece

So this year saw us take a Mother - Daughter trip to Europe. The trip I had been planning for so long that it felt like deja vu.

First stop was a quick 2 night stopover in Greece on our way to SANTORINI, the one Greek Island I have been dreaming about since forever. As we flew in to Athens at night, we stayed at the only hotel near the airport and we were not disappointed with the swanky Sofitel 200 metres away. Definitely a good recommendation.

The following morning we caught the train into Plaka and experienced our first pick pocketing fiasco. Having read up on the plethora of online travel forums about the alarming number of Pickpockets that frequented trains and specifically targeted tourists, I felt that I was sufficiently prepared. I had bought a travel bag with the necessary locks on all zips to deter any would be Pickpockets. However, you can't really imagine what traveling loaded with suitcases and bags is actually like until you are running for the train amidst the hustle and bustle of boarding passengers, navigating foreign signs, jam packed escalators, unbelievably long stairways and errant wheels on a malfunctioning suitcase. Leaving you all a little overwhelmed, decidedly hot and ridiculously bothered! The perfect scenario for the crafty Pickpockets out there just waiting for this EXACT scenario!! 

Therefore, being caught off guard myself, my daughter (being a little more savvy), noticed a clean cut gentleman getting a little too close as the train pulled up to the station. The doors whizzed opened, and we exited luggage laden. She looked back as I yanked my suitcase over the gap between the platform and the train directly eyeballing the man with my passport holder IN HIS HANDS! Being the fearless warrior that she is, she yelled out and everyone standing inside the train turned to see what the commotion was about. He dropped it straight away but the doors were closing. I could see it laying there all forlorn on the floor of the train. Panic stricken, I put my hand out towards it and miraculously a kind stranger whisked it up and into my hand just as the doors bumped together. Disaster averted!

We did end up having a rather nice day exploring the Acropolis and doing general touristy things in and around the delightful Plaka neighbourhood (despite being a little paranoid about anyone who came too close!) 


Temple of Hephaestus

The Erechtheum

Hans and Gretel, Monastiraki

Monday, December 31, 2018


This little cherub, graduated uni earlier in the year and moved to Sydney. My heart still hasn't recovered from this little bird flying the coop, but trust that spreading her wings has launched her fair and square into her future! Well done little bird, the world is your oyster!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Galavanting About

So I just realised that I have let 3 months slip by without posting ... all because I have been busily preparing  a little galavant around the globe and who knew how time consuming that would be! Safe to say, flights are now booked except for that one little flight to Santorini!! Yaass, S-A-N-T-O-R-I-N-I-!! Still pinching myself just dreaming about that one. Four weeks of accomodation through Greece, Italy, Switzerland and France now under my belt and carefully planned down to the very last detail, although that does keep changing depending on the reviews I'm currently reading! So many quaint out of the way spots to explore!

Earlier this year, I contemplated looking at investment options to secure my financial future and was knee deep in debilitating decision making, when overwhelmed with all the financial pathways (and money warrens) before me, I just decided to hell with it and latched onto the idea of taking that dream holiday pre retirement instead!! Not that I'm in the slightest bit near retirement (although I might nearly be over THE hill having traipsed up a number of smaller hills of late) and having that one little bird eager to fly the nest, I may just be feeling the effects (and trauma) associated with impending empty nest syndrome. It just seemed as good a time as any to take that trip to those far flung places and dreamy jaunts that I have always dreamt about. Although, I do keep discovering new places that I've actually never dreamt about and have happily added them to that never ending list of places to visit.

I'm currently galavanting around Tuscany from my laptop, working out if I want to go to Siena and San Gimigano while staying in the Chianti region. I just read a review about this awesome little Italian guy who does the most phenomenal taxi tours and tailor makes the trip for you. I was expecting to travel back to Florence by bus to catch the train out to Pisa and Cinque Terre but realised after reading the 'Discover Tuscany' website that I may be able to squeeze in a great deal more sightseeing in Chianti if I can get a reasonable taxi for half a day and completely bypass going back to Florence. Fingers crossed! I'm waiting to hear back from Daniele in Panzano.

While I wait to hear back from Daniele, feast your eyes on this glorious view of the rolling hills of Chianti.


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