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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Age is not important unless you are a cheese

'Age is not important unless you are a cheese.'

I love this quote by Helen Hayes. Just wish it was true. Funny how as you get older, age becomes even more important, especially if you are a woman. 

I'm not quite as young these days as I would like to imagine, my jeans are tighter than usual, my fitness is somewhat lacking and my skin is less than perfect, (wrinkle wrinkle go away...come again another day). Life just creeps up on you which is so very apparent when friends you haven't seen for awhile marvel at how your kids have grown, I marvel too...at how I even got here!!!!!. Where does the time go? I firmly believe that life is a little bit like a cheese platter - it contains a varied assortment of yummy delicacies to choose from. Each delicacy bringing its own taste, flavour and delicate texture. You just have to decide which delicacy you want to partake of first. (But please no mottley cheese for me - I don't like the blue bits.) The rest of the platter is still available for your consumption and tasting. 

The cheese platter brings the anticipation of a delightful evening...... a relaxing moment with friends ... the beginning of a festive evening - the smell of a bbq fills the air, bubbling conversation, soft laughter and lots of fun - oh so lovely. Life is indeed a wonderful event. If I had to decide what cheese I was, I'd have to say a camembert. Its a little bit firm on the outside but soft in the middle. Although depending on the temperature a camembert can be a bit gooey ..... hhmmmm. I find myself having matured some what by the journey of life but recognise there are still a few holes. Thankfully I still have a few years of maturing to go...... remember the thirties is now the NEW twenties. Therefore I am determined to taste away and enjoy the platter that I have been served.

This is an older post....but still as true today as back then :|

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