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Monday, April 12, 2010

Arise and Awaken....be the change

Heart and Soul is a part of an amazing Sisterhood of girls around the globe - a company of everyday girls desiring to make a difference and make the world a better place. Having been awakened to the cry of humanity it is my time to rise up and bring eternal significance.... I personally am taking on the call to arise and awaken and go beyond, beyond ..... I am 'HEART AND SOUL', "I AM SISTERHOOD'. In the Colour Sisterhoods words, 'It is a foundation seeking to place value upon humanity - A story of unity and alliance.' The current 'Colour Sisterhoods' initiatives are fleshed out on three fronts; Orphans and children to rescue, sisters to come alongside and nations to believe in. Heart and Soul is aligning with this global fight against injustice - with all my heart and soul I intend on being the change.

Two of the 'Colour Sisterhood' initiatives that I personally seek to align with are 'Baby Watoto' and 'Be her dignity - facial reconstruction'. Watoto are starting two new baby homes in 2010, in Gulu and Kampala for abandoned and orphaned babies.

Watoto have also been working with a significant problem that emerged from the war crisis. The LRA used disfigurement as a method of torture. Many women have been horrifically disfigured. It costs only $3000 to restore someones smile and give back their dignity. (Detailed info about Watoto is under 'my cause' tab)

 I am a woman on a mission - I am  Sisterhood .....a global movement of girls around the earth!  (Sisterhood Declaration)

We can all be a part of the CHANGE - by aligning personally with a gathering of amazing women and girlfriends we can bring hope and healing to a hurting world. In the near future I plan on assisting at Baby Watoto with a few of my girlfriends and look forward to raising the funds necessary to go towards building a new babies home and reconstructive surgery for a Ugandan women. On the global front, the opportunity to be a part of the change is coming soon to the Gold Coast......would love to have you along for this amazing journey.

'We can't do everything, but we can do something!'
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