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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So .... after dropping the mud cake

As I zipped off to 'Mums n bubs' this morning, I decided to stop and pick up a mud cake for our lovely mummies to have for morning tea. After arriving a tad late, I jumped out of my car with a certain amount of gusto while carefully balancing a box of presents with one hand and the cake in the other. I threw the car keys into my dangling handbag which was hanging rather limply from one arm but unfortunately my juggling skills lack a certain amount of prowess. Misjudging my acrobatic skills, I promptly dropped the mud cake on the side of the road ... right in front of Julie!(The domestic goddess herself). 

Once in the kitchen, I carefully rearranged the icing (sooooo embarrassing), smearing the icing smoothly back into place. Aaahhhh!!!!!!!

What an eventful start!

Having received Julie's nod of approval, the cake was finally ready and we could all begin. It turned out to be a wonderful morning.

Julie from ‘Savvy Tips’ gave us some great ideas to help the budding wanna-be goddesses amongst us, make a simple and oh so easy (you could probably do it with-your-eyes-shut kind of easy)  delicious dip. It tasted so good with only two ingredients! Philadelphia cream cheese and a small tin of tomato and onion tuna completed this concoction. 

I know! 
How simple and straightforward? 
Heavenly delectable goodness!

 Our lovely mummies also received some great tips for cooking a superb roast (their husbands will be happy). The secret, a little rock salt!

We now know how to get those potatoes extra crunchy too(rub a little rock salt into the skins) and voila, perfect crunchy spuds. The lamb roast cooked to mouth watering perfection. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle, it was a winner all round (Who knew?, the wonders of a tiny bit of tin foil at just the right moment to keep the juices in)

On a side note, a little bed of rock salt in the baking tray soaks up any excess moisture as the spud bakes, so no soft skins. Thanks Julie for your pearls of wisdom, you really are a wealth of information. We are now waiting for your blog to come out. 
Can't wait.

Lovely Bek from 'Two Smitten' home wares showed us how we can revamp a room for under a $100 with some very clever ideas. Her beautiful memory/photo boards are colourful and fun. Thanks Bek for sharing your creative ideas and colourful homes wares with us. We look forward to seeing your next seasons collection very soon. 

Our mums walked away with a gift to compliment our fun morning. 
Who loves a pamper pack? 

Such a lovely opportunity to pause this morning as we took a moment to breathe deeply in the never ending art of mothering. Love being inspired by the very creative women in our world.

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Jaime Kubik said...

Oh the pain of clumsiness! I have suffered from it all my life! And, I also lack a bit of that domestic ability in the kitchen. Need something cleaned? I'm your woman. Got a stain? I'll get it out. But cooking? Let's just not talk about it....

Great post!

AromaBeauty said...

Sounds like a great morning! I could really do with some of those hints:)

Kelly said...

I found you through connect 2 mums and Michelle D Evans. Cute baby.

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