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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ebb and Flow of Life

The ebb and flow of a mother's life is not unlike the ocean. Sometimes it is a gentle tide lingering upon the sandy beach; picturesque, mesmerising and serene, yet at other times vibrant, stormy - full and fierce, swirling and tugging her every which way... frothy and bubbling with strong undercurrents. 
Some days are naturally more vibrant and fraught with friction while others are more peaceful and serene. 

Embrace the ebb and flow of your amazing life as a mother with quite confidence, knowing that the storm will dissipate and the currents will move on. Do not surrender to the swirls that would seek to pull you under but drift upon the tide and linger in the vastness of it's beauty and grace. Allow yourself permission to work with the ebb and flow of your full and amazing life. 

When shaping destinies and bringing about change we can not expect that all will be smooth sailing. After all it is only in the refining process that anything of value is honed and polished. 
(Polish - to make more nearly perfect, a pleasing elegant style .. to accomplish a smooth and shiny finish) 
So if your child needs a little polishing then polish away and if you find yourself being polished then revel in knowing that you will come out of it with an elegant and refined style ... a finely polished soul and spirit - lovely.

 It is in such challenges that we are afforded a view of who we have become - glimpse the reflection that is you.
Value the depth and limitless boundaries of the love that has grown in your heart, 
marvel at the unending sacrifices you didn't know you cold make, be amazed at the perseverance that arises from deep within 
and stand in awe of the lives taking shape before you. 
You are living a vibrant, purposeful and delightful life.

When hope seems far off and dreams out of reach, you may just find that anything is possible.
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful writing, straight from the heart. I love it. Thanks for this. Although I haven't given birth to physical children in this lifetime, I often feel the 'earth mother' within me wanting to express herself, and I feel I'm starting to allow her to do this. Your post calls on that in me. I look forward to reading more, as you continue to be inspired. Blessings to you, Josie

Heart n Soul said...

Thanks Josie - appreciate you leaving your lovely thoughts.God Bless.

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