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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sisterhood Fundraiser Night

My Daughter practicing her first solo event at our Sisterhood Fundraiser night 'Tribal Vibe' - Heart 4 Humanity. It was simply amazing!

What a fantastic night, we raised $3500 for the Watoto building fund and have a pledge of $3000 for a facial reconstruction. It was a night that left us inspired, deeply moved and eternally hopeful ... lives being changed and destinies unfolding. The night was a buzz with over 200 donations to give away and a lively performance by African drumming and dance group, 'Afrogroove'. Thank you to everyone who got behind this endeavour to 'Be the Change'. Our hearts and souls are forever imprinted with a resounding rise up sound, as we extend the hand of kindness and impact humanity for a cause greater than ourselves.

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