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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My son - my boy

First tie moment
I absolutely love being the mother of a son. Seeing the world through a little boys eyes has made life such a rewarding and interesting adventure. Every moment is full of surprise and wonder. Bugs and insects have become a fascination ... mine is watching him carefully and lovingly scoop up a bug, his is capturing it and finding it a new home. As he marvels at how it moves, creeps or slithers, I marvel at the awe in his face ... the delight of another discovery, the depth of his curiosity. How is it that such tiny insects exact such opposite responses from little girls? Having the joy of both a son and a daughter, I know that a little girl is not quite so enraptured by a crawling bug. As long as it keeps its distance she is happy to observe its antics but should it come anywhere near her then the squealing really begins ... which is soon taken over by jumping and jiggling ... a most unusual dance! Is it any wonder that boys delight in showing girls these little creatures when they can extract such a response?

From the time my son could crawl, life has been about taking things apart ... it never ceases to amaze me how creative and inventive one can be when given the opportunity to pull something apart. Early on I had to get good at seeing this seemingly destructive task as being purposeful and even necessary to the development of essential cognitive pathways leading to inquiry, discovery, knowledge and understanding. This need to understand and figure things out is what drives forward a love of learning. I have learnt to appreciate, value and even anticipate the unusual inventions, crazy creations and interesting designs because more than anything I love my sons passion and zest for life, discovery and learning.

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