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Friday, September 10, 2010

Watoto - Rescue, Raise, Rebuild

I was delighted to read a lovely blog today by Jo - Princess Warrior -  http://princessjo-anne-blessed.blogspot.com/ Thank you Jo for your thoughtful and heartfelt words about Watoto and the amazing work that they are doing to bring hope and restoration to Uganda and a big thank you for sharing my story. 

The count down is now on. I am currently awaiting approval for my visa application and to date have had seven vaccinations in readiness for my trip. As the date draws closer the anticipation for this adventure is building. It seems I have waited a life time to be on this journey. Final preparations are being made - getting to the airport, having my last lot of needles, selling tickets for our last fundraiser, arranging care for my children while away, deciding what food to take (maybe a few protein bars and apparently spreads for our sandwich's that are served daily for lunch.) Note to self - must remember passport, yellow fever certificate, flight tickets, personal first aid kit and shillings to spend.

I'm wondering what our accommodation will be like, if my kids will be okay without me, how hot it will be?, what kind of clothes should I take?, how compact can I travel?, will I have a mosquito net at night?, will my mosquito repellant be strong enough? (apparently the mozzies are pretty lethal), is my first aid kit satisfactory?...do I have enough antibiotics, hot showers or cold showers...maybe no showers, how will we travel each day?.... hopefully not on a moped, what about security?... will he have a gun?, should we do a safari?, what if I see a lion... hhmmm so many thoughts. (Will keep you posted)

Watoto's mission
Fiona and KC

Beautiful Dorieen

We all have spheres of influence and can raise awareness. Lets be the voice for the orphan, the widow, the abandoned, the forgotten and the vulnerable. While we can't do everything we can do something to 'Be the change'.  Below is an excerpt from Marilyn Skinner's blog (Marilyn and Gary Skinner are the founders of Watoto ministries in Uganda).

" Last Wednesday Watoto staff welcomed 20 children between the ages of 3 and 8 to Buloba village. Most of them had been abandoned, rescued by the police and taken to the government run Naguru Reception Centre. The caregivers at Naguru centre must wait 6 months before referring them to an organization that can take better care of them. They make radio announcements and wait for someone to come and claim the forgotten children." For more reading on this blog go to -  http://marilynskinner.wordpress.com/

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Stephanie Motz Skinner said...

So excited for you! You are gonna love it! Bring a light sweater cause it can get a bit chilly at night sometimes. The water goes off sometimes, but not so often. Unless you are based in Gulu, I've heard it can go off there for almost a month! It will all be worth it when you hold those cute babies in your arms! Hope you have a good trip!

Amy said...

What an amazing mission you are on. I can't wait to read more about it.

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