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Monday, September 6, 2010

What if....

What if I don't do the washing today?, What if the vacuum stays silent yet again, what if the washing machine doesn't whir, the dishes pile up and the garbage stays put? The what ifs flitter through my mind and I find myself wondering ...

The ho hum of life can be distracting and somewhat dreary... as I clean house, fold washing, organise meals, I am contemplative about the time dedicated to these necessary but mundane tasks. I wonder about the necessity of folding clothes right side out and instead fold them inside out ... a shortcut that gets the job done faster for now but requires sorting out later ... at least they are folded today and now I have more time for other things ... more jobs, more chores etc etc.

I realize my mind has wandered when My daughter calls out to me "MUM .... Muuum', I come back to earth. I focus on her as she requests help with her school work, I pause, breath out slowly and sigh deeply... I lay the washing down. I notice the bags of rubbish sitting patiently at the door but instead of taking out the garbage (which is a 6 min walk to the gate and back) I allow it to sit at the front door a little longer, choosing instead to work with my daughter on her English assignment. We brainstorm the context for her story and she marvels at the creativity beginning to flow... the smile on her face is contagious. An imagination now alight with ideas is really quite refreshing, furiously she begins writing.

The washing basket has overflowed yet again (thus why I have 2 washing baskets) and I rise to attend its call to be fed to the washing machine, I look up as my son bounds down the stairs and sincerely requests that I sit with him to watch the latest DVD we were given. His childish exuberance is hard to refuse. Against my better domestic bliss judgements I oblige. Afterwards we end up discussing in depth his plans to someday be a surgeon. I look at the delight on his face and am thankful that I took this moment to hear his heart and together we imagined his future. I glimpsed his hopes and dreams. Somehow, I don't think my children will remember if I finished the washing yesterday or took the garbage out today. What if today I made them feel significant?, What if they remember the time I took to engage with their hearts and minds? What if this moment determines how we do life in the future? What if one day they will take the time to sit with me when I need them to be near?

How we live our life today sets the course for our future. Every action has purpose and significance attached to it - This moment, this time determines our tomorrows. We can reach into our future by determining the path that we will travel today.

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