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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A lesson with Ms Weight

This week I had the privilege of sharing about my upcoming trip to Watoto with four hundred gorgeous children. The same children I get to inspire every week in their weekly library lessons. I love that I get to open up a whole world of imagination, adventure and limitless possibilities for children through the amazing world of literature and thus inspire a generation of children to believe that anything is possible. 

Today was special however as I got to share something a little more personal with all of them, my heart to 'be the change'. After showing them some handmade Watoto dolls and reading a story about a little girl finding her way to a Watoto village, they eagerly bombarded me with an assortment of thoughts, questions and ideas. When I explained that I was going to Africa which was a very long way away, I was asked ... "How will you get there?," ... to which someone called out "A plane of course!" (and you can just imagine the excited chatter that broke forth as everyone begged to share their travel stories!)

When I told the children how many hours I would be travelling a little hand shot up and asked "Won't you get hungry?" (a whole day and night travelling is quite a long time in any one's books.) A bright spark piped up and informed everyone in a very knowing way, that planes had food on them. Another child proudly stated that "Planes even have kitchens!" (more excited chatter!)

The children were most impressed when I said that I had eight needles (I impressed myself ... I have an aversion to needles!), so I didn't get sick while over there.  A few exchanged concerned looks, which then prompted the question, "What will happen if you die?"... hmmmm (how to explain this), then someone called out ..."but who will teach us library if that happened? How funny! (If only I was not expendable).

I got a lot of 'oohhs and ahhs' from the girls when I told them I would be kissing and cuddling babies that had no Mummy or Daddy (and lots of giggling from the boys about the kissing part). One little fella shyly expressed that I was the best library teacher in the whole world. (How cute, I'm probably the only one he knows!)  Love inspiring kids to think big and embrace the possibility of being a world changer too.

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Oh wow Kay! What a privilege

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