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Saturday, November 20, 2010

90 Days to Change my World

Okay so it takes about 30 days to develop a habit and 90 days to develop a new way of living - "A new lifestyle". So taking up the challenge, my 90 day adventure is to do "WHATEVER"......whatever it takes.... wherever and whenever!!
Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, whatever is excellent,
......whatever is praiseworthy. (Phil 4:8)

So I did a little check up from the neck up... sifted, sorted and decided a little spiritual chiropractic care and realignment might just be a good idea.  Who knows the spiritual muscles might just enjoy a good ole stretch and it could just alleviate those little nagging and annoying doubts that seem to persist. Developing greater flexibility and endurance from a bit of timely bone crunching could actually be good for me hey? So here's to some core adjustment and manipulation.

Treatment Techniques
* True Technique - to be real, genuine and authentic in every interaction. (Even the insignificant, mundane and ordinary moments.)
* Nobel Technique - to be concerned with matters of dignity and justice (Bringing worth and value...loving expansively.)
* Right Technique - to bring a just and favourable response. (Slowing my head thoughts so my heart words speak first. Pause...think....speak. Ohhhh this should be fun!!!!)
* Pure Technique - to be absolute, straightforward and unaffected in all circumstances. (So this means remaining calm, peaceful and serene no matter what!!... wherever and whenever. HA!!)
* Lovely Technique - to live graciously and delightfully, seeing joy and beauty in the unexpected. (Slow down and enjoy the ride. Walk slowly through the crowd. "Marvel" - I think this is my new word.)
* Admirable Technique - to be enamoured by what is inspiring and different. (Value and appreciate the EXTRA - ORDINARY. )
* Excellent Technique - to exceed and go above and beyond what I know. (To not live small, contained or hemmed in.... even by my own self imposed restrictions..... break out and break free of smokescreens, illusions and what might limit me. )

 “Limits exist only in the mind” ~ Author unknown.

And my final thought:
* Praiseworthy Technique - to relish the applaudable, commendable and laudable moments. (To look intentionally for a praiseworthy moment every day. Will keep you posted.)

Now to put it all into practice in the next 90 days :)

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Michelle said...

My favourite scripture! Love the way you've teased it out. xx

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