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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today's Challenge

Today I faced a few challenges and can't say I remained as calm as I would have liked. (Sigh)
I am working towards developing my 'Whatever' techniques, wherever and whenever I can. Today proved to be just a little challenging for my, "Whatever is pure' technique. (Pure Technique - To be absolute, straightforward and unaffected under all circumstances.)

My house is still on the market even thou the 60 days are up. The market is unusually quiet at the moment so haven't had anyone through for four weeks and then out of the blue I get a call that someone is interested in looking through today and because the market has been so quiet I couldn't very well say no. Under normal circumstances this would be okay except today I was planning my sons 12th birthday party. I had shopping to buy, a cake to ice, water balloons to blow up etc etc and now I had to clean the house and a house inspection means a big clean. Aahhh!!!! Suffice to say the stress factor was high today as we vacuumed, mopped, washed, scrubbed, dusted, sorted, decorated a cake, filled water bombs and organised a party. I am now very very tired because it was a crazy busy day. The house is spotless and the party a success. I wish I could say I was cool, calm and collected but I was not.

* Picnic at the park ... table in the sun which meant a cake was melting. Nooooo!!!
* Son placed water bombs in washing basket ... yes, 50 balloons in one basket is way too many... consequently the basket cracked. Now I need a new one. Aahhhh!!!!
* Water bombs leaked on the house carpet and boot of the car ... flooding resulted. What the!!!!!
* Bird poo on pants ... yuucckk!!!!
* Bought ice for cool drinks ... but, daughter forgot to put bucket in the car which meant cool drinks were not so cold. Seriously!!!!!
* Just a little bit windy out there today ... candles on the cake won't light ... and I paid extra for the funky candles :(
* Random birds ate the kids party food ... then attempted to eat the Nerf gun bullets ... boys yelling and screaming as bird flies into the tree and tries to swallow it whole ... (actually this was quite funny so lots of giggles all round.)

The boys had fun. I guess that's all that really matters!

Much work still to do on this technique. So hard to remain calm, peaceful and serene no matter what!!!

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Shoes of Redemption said...

Oh Kay I love your post. I Totally felt those emotions with you.. Arrgh!... However, I just know God is smiling down on you today! Love you xxx

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