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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Watoto Jobs - Volunteering

 So, for all of you wondering what volunteering at baby Watoto looks like read on.

Go girls
Job 1 - Cleaning 30 cots, which means carrying them outside and scrubbing them down before a hose off. Busy busy!!!

Scrub away
 Job 2 - Playing and snack time before our outing.

Play Time
Job 3 - Walking 17 babies to the shops for an outing in strollers and back packs. 

Getting our bubbas ready for their walk
Too cute
Job 3 - Feeding Time ( Mashed pumkin and veges) 
 Mmm yum!

Hungry bubs
Then we hit the markets African style. Another fun day in Africa.

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Michelle said...

So many beautiful little faces

Ria Jacovides said...

Hi Kay!!! Wow..Wow...and Wow!!! Thank you so much for posting and keeping us in the link. What a hive of activity. While we are here getting accustomed to holiday mode you are are busy feeding, scrubbing, nurturing, changing diapers, shopping and heaven knows what else!! Keep loading those pics...we are enjoying them immensely. Love you xx

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