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Monday, December 6, 2010

Bbira Children's Village

Playing games

The children are jumping for joy here ... Makes you smile.

Managers house
Village grounds
Our beautiful hosts for the traditional lunch 

We had such fun visiting a Watoto family in their little home. Each house mother cares for 8 children, of which some may be her own. We had a traditional lunch served and then we handed out supplies which were kindly donated by an Emirates staff member on route. She heard about what we were doing and handed me 6 bags of supplies (toys, crayons, books etc). We had lots of fun handing everything out. Loved the excitement and joy on the children's faces.

Later we took a walk around the village which is situated on 100 acres of land. The village is spectacular and the children are well cared for. The little ones love to hold your hand and their impish grins are filled with hope for the future, just adorable!

Preparing grasshoppers to eat!!
School grounds

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